Wednesday 15 December 2021

A Song of Hope: Holiday Season Events

 Hello everyone!

For some this will be the most wonderful time of the year, others will be sititng by the fireplace because it's cold outside. Friends will be jingling bells, and relatives will enjoy a white Christmas in a winter wonderland.

But it definitely won't be the last Christmas!

Every year I am always so thrilled to organise something in Harshlands, and this time I've decided to group all the current, and upcoming, events, under one single banner.

A Song of Hope will be Harshlands Holiday Season big event, with its traditional, signature prize hunt!

There will be 10 prizes well hidden (although I might be a bit more kind than the previous hunt) in Harshlands store region Dragonstone. To claim the prize you simply have to find and click it. One important thing: as usual, please make sure to have your Harshlands store group tag active. if you're not part of the group, you can join for free by the landing point.

The prizes waiting for you are mostly exclusive, and hand crafted with heart and love. Because it's a season not only for celebrating, but also for hoping in a better future, each product you'll find is made with hope it will bright up these nights that are gradually getting longer.

In addition to the treasure hunt, there are several events happening, and more starting in the following days!

Holiday Shop & Hop

The Linden Lab Shopping event is back! By Harshlands booth you will be able to find lots discounted of products, from 25% to 70% off! But wait....

...there is more!

A special gift is waiting for you, along with two exclusive, brand new releases:

These little creatures come either as Avatar or Animesh Companion. The latter being ready with its own AO that will react to your actions! They're discounted as well!

A Shopping Carol

There is another typical Christmas Event that I love to join all the time: A Shopping Carol! This event takes place in every mainstore of the participating designer. Harshlands couldn't say no!

For the occasion, I've prepared a truly special release:

I've always loved the sound made by Kalimbas, the soft notes that can be rich and warm at the same time. This Christmas Kalimba comes with 8 traditional songs, that you can easily preview next to the product vendor, simply by clicking the instrument!


The beautiful land of Redeux turns into a winter magical town! Lots of deals to be found, and among them, there will alwats be a 50L product! Come check that out!

The Driftwood Lamp is the 50L Harshlands item, and it comes with an extra cabinet for display. You can toggle its light, and it has two texture variations.


Last but not least, Swank is here! Not only there is a new release, but also a special gift for everyone!

These Wooden Christmas Decorations are a memory from old fair, where as a kid we would be amazed by the craftsmanship of our local artisans. These decorations come in two variations and texture, to fit your Holiday Region!

In addition to these events, there is more! If you find a snowy circle, landmark that place! You found the Giving Circle where dear friends will periodically add gifts for everyone to enjoy! It's our wish for the happiest of the holiday seasons!

Also, events will keep on being added so...stay on the watch!

Monday 15 November 2021

Enchantment is open!

 Hello everyone!

Holiday Season is about to begin, and with the opening of the amazing Enchantmnet event, we're starting to see the first snow and Christmas themed products.

For this round, the team behind the event, decided to revisit the beautiful tale of the Nutcracker, and there's a very special exclusive release waiting for you.

If you've followed some of my past releases, you might have noticed that I've developed a passion for crafting musical instrument. This time I have decided to experiment with something never done before.

The Nutcracker Music Box is a tribute to the spirit of a Christmas long gone, when we were but kids, and we'd be amazed by the music produced by those little machines. 

This music box comes with 7 traditional Nutcracker songs, and whenever it's playing, the music box will start spinning.

In addition to that, a statue-version of the two nutcracker soldiers is included.

You can try the Music Box at Enchantment, where a special gift will also be waiting for you!

Click here to teleport to Enchantment

Sunday 10 October 2021

Swank is now open!

 Hello everyone!

Swank event is open back again, and this time it's donning a brand new look, completely renewed.

It's October, so you know what to expect: spooky and creepy atmospheres! For this occasion, there's a special new release, ready to be found.

The Stonecatcher Tree is an eerie tree, with stones attached to it, in a very specific pattern. Is that the result of a curse, of a wicked rite? You're the one to find it out!

By Harshlands booth, you will also find a special gift inside a Swank Pumpkin!

Click here to teleport to Swank

Chronicles & Legends - The Depths of Madness

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

In the far away region of Ippos, Madness roams free. Chronicles & Legends is now open, welcoming the creative mind of H.P. Lovecraft.

One of my favourite events in Second Life, is now hosting one of my favourite themes. Lovecraft was a master of horror, and I hope that, with the new exclusive release, I could convey that feeling.

The Monstrous Blossoms are inspired by Lovecraft's alien flora. These plants come in various versions. In the package there will be single plants, as well as grouped ones, all of them sporting three different colour schemes.

In addition to that, the traditional hunt is taking place, and there's a prize, hidden in Harshlands, that you definitely don't want to miss!

Linden Lab Shop & Hop is open!

 Are you scared yet?

No? Well then, get ready for the spookiest event of the year!

Halloween Shop & Hop is open, and many many designers are ready to offer new releases, exclusive discounts...and gifts to everyone!

As proud participant to this amazing event, I've prepared some new releases, immediately discounted off their final price, as well as offering an exclusive gift!

The Cursed Victorian Piano isn't simply a visual variation of the previous Victorian Piano. Not only it features skulls, bones and candles, but it comes packed with traditional and spooky pieces to play (or you might set it as if the piano is playing the song by itself...for an extra spook!)

What's better than a graveyard entrance...made out of graves? The Ominous Gate not only has graves, rocks, and a metal gate. If you look closely, a cursed tree has set its roots there, and the face of the Damned can be seen trying to escape!

...But there is more!

The entire Skeleton Avatars collection is now available for purchase as single themed packs, and there's the exclusive gift waiting for you.

I won't tell you what it is, you have to find it on your own 🧛

Click here to teleport to Shop & Hop

Saturday 2 October 2021

Harvest Season, a traditional Halloween Hunt

Hello everyone!

October is here, and I believe we all know what it means for all the Second Life community: Halloween!
One of the things I look forward to, is preparing our themed Hunt, that every year takes place in Dragonstone region, Harshlands mainstore location.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Harvest Season!

Throughout the event period, there will be 10 hidden prizes to be found around the store region. Each prize is an exclusive product, specifically crafted for this time of the year. I hope you will like them!

In addition to that, the old gacha Court has been revamped. Following Linden Lab's recent change in terms of services, no Gacha Machines are allowed anymore.
The Gacha Court decided to don the Halloween mantle for this month, and a selection of new and previously released horror products are offered with a special discount!

Happy Halloween my friends!

Monday 27 September 2021

The Liaison Collaborative is now open!

 Hello everyone!

Each month I look forward The Liaison Collaborative. Such a beautiful event, where lots of talented people share their creativity! I feel so honoured to be part of it!

For this round, since October is nearing, there's a spooky new release!

The Skeletal Oddities are a set of creepy decorations, made out of skulls in a display.

Each display comes with a glass or no-glass version.

You can preview the items at The Liaison Collaborative.

Click here to teleport to The Liaison Collaborative

Spoonful of Sugar is open!

 Hello everyone!

The long awaited Spoonful of Sugar is here! One of the beat event of Second Life, supporting Doctors Without Borders, helping this world becoming a better place.

Every vendor will help the cause, but there's an exclusive release that will completely benefit the organization, and there it is!

Little Folks Builds is a series of tiny decor. They say an ancient population made them, out of natural materials found in the woods!

This is a set of decorations, you can preview them at Spoonful of Sugar!

Click here to teleport to Spoonful of Sugar

Monday 23 August 2021

End of Gach-..ahem...Summer Hunt!


Hello everyone! As summer is nearing to its end, as well as something else, I've decided to start a new hunt, with some very peculiar prizes to be found!

End of Summer Hunt (Summer, of course!) is a group Hunt taking place in Harshlands inworld store. 

15 former Gacha prizes have been scattered all around Dragonstone, and your task is to find them all if you can! There's a lot of time to complete it, and the prizes will have yes copy/no transfer permission.

To receive the prizes, you will have to keep your Harshlands group tag active. (You can join the group free of charge by the landing point).

Click here to Teleport to Harshlands

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Redeux is open

 Hello everyone!

The beautiful and amazing Redeux event is open, up until the 30th.

Some of the best designers of the grid will take part, offering new releases and special deals. We're fortunate to be one of their long term sponsors again!

For this round, there's a brand new special release.

The Stone Swords Altar is a relatively big original mesh, composed of three stone swords ispired by the Norwegian traditional monument, with a special twist!

The product itself not only contains the full scene, but also the single items, to decorate and create your own altar!

In addition to that, by Harshlands booth you will also be able to find special deals!

Sunday 15 August 2021

Enchantment is open: Valley of Plenty

 Hello everyone!

One of my favourite events is now open, with one of my favourite themes!

Called Valley of Plenty , I guess you might imagine where we'll be travelling this month. Amidst monsters, hunters, and sorceresses, this round has everything you might need for your Fantasy needs!

This month I've decided to create a special, and yet versatile instrument.

 The Bard's Lute is an original instrument based off the typical Renaissance lutes, and it comes with 13 songs to play, two animations and two texture variations!

You can try it for free at Harshlands booth at Enchantment, and see what this is about!

But this isn't it: the traditional Enchantment Hunt is on. try finding the special prize hidden in Harshlands!

Click here to teleport to Enchantment

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Swank is now open!

Hello everyone! With the arrival of summer, it's time for a vacation, even here in Second Life!

Swank opened its doors as usual, and for this month, I've prepared a beach themed exclusive release!

This Beach Hut is a mesh building that comes in three different textures, to match the theme and the suitable environment where the hut might be placed. 

You can preview it at Harshlands booth at Swank!

Happy summer!

Click here to teleport to Swank

Sunday 11 July 2021

Chronicles and Legends is open!

 Hello everyone!

The beautiful and incredible Chronicles and Legends event is now open, and as every time, they surprise me with the incredible theme they choose and discover.

July's theme is Live Long, Prosper, & Use the Force a spectacular mashup between the two most loved space fight and exploration saga: Star Wars and Star Trek!

I've decided to team up with Star Wars, as, between the two, is the one I grew up with, and for the occasion, I've prepared another special instrument.

The Hallisket is a unique six-string instrument, that has been featured in some Star Wars related films or games. I felt like it needed to find some love here in Second Life, where everything is possible.

The Hallisket comes with 8 songs and 2 texture variation.

The instrument is HUD based, so, make sure to read the notecard inside the package, to fully understand hwo to use it. There's also a demo available by the booth!

But there is more!

As for every round of this amazing evet, there is a special hunt and, for the occasion, there is a very special and interactive gift. I won't spoil you the surprise but, I will just tell you this: This is the Way.

Click here to teleport to Chronicles and Legends

Wednesday 23 June 2021

The Liaison Collaborative

 Hello everyone!

I'm being a bit late in sending this information, but The Liaison Collaborative is open again!

Wonderful designers joining and I feel blessed to be part of this incredible crew.

As usual, there's a new exclusive release for this round:

The Old Tower Ruin is a static mesh decoration, that comesi n the traditional texture variation: regular, mossy and snowy.

This product is meant to enhance not only your Roleplay regions, but also any landscape that requires a little bit of...timeoworn architecture.

You can see a small preview (to fit the event booth) at TLC!

Sunday 20 June 2021

SL 18th Birthday Celebrations

 Hello everyone!

18 Years ago, the greatest Virtual Community of all times have been created. And we're all here to wish Happy Birthday to our wonderful Second Life!

I feel so privileged to have witnessed highs and lows, incredible events, and the arrival of new technologies. This shows how much of a parallel world SL can be.

We have made a community within this extraordinary system, and many more are entwined all together. So a cheer to SL, but also to all of us, the Residents!

This year I have been invited again to the huge Shop & Hop event. So many designers, joining together with exclusive discounts and gifts.

Here, at Harshlands, I love to bring an exclusive release, even when not asked to so, here's the new product, coming with a 20% discount off its final price

This Viking House is directly inspired from one of those builds you might have seen in the fictional redition of the city of Kattegat, brought to fame, also, by the TV Show Vikings.

The House comes into three texture variation: Regular, Mossy and Snowy. It also features a Kool System Door and, as usual, materials.

But that's not all!

By the house entrance, there's a special gift for you to grab...
...And inside the house there will be more deals!

Wednesday 16 June 2021

New exclusive at Redeux

 Hello everyone!

Redeux is open, and again, we have the privilege of being amidst the sponsors. In this event filled with amazing talented designers, it feels incredible to be part of the crew.

There's a brand new exclusive for this round

The Shattered Arch is a static decor with many possible functions. It works a prop, as a gate, or even as a ritual's up to your imagination!

As usual, it comes in three texture variation, to fit and properly blend in your region.

At Redeux you will also find some special deals, and a peculiar item priced at 50L$!

Click here to teleport to Redeux

Friday 21 May 2021

The Liaison Collaborative is open

 Hello everyone!

Another month, and another round of The Liaison Collaborative has begun. And as usual, we have the luck to be amidst so many talented designers!

Here's the exclusive release for this month

The Secluded Lantern is a decoration with animated flames, and it comes in two different variation: a regular one, with light moss along the surface, and a snow version, for your winter/mountain environments.

You can preview the lantern at TLC!

Click here to teleport to TLC

Sunday 9 May 2021

Enchantment is open!

 Hello everyone!

Enchantment is finally open again! I've always said that this is one of the events that I look forward the most. Not only because of the wonderful themes, but also because the people organizing it are always so kind and professional at the same time.

And this time, we're finally sponsors!

There's an amazing theme this round: Midsummer Night's Dream! Not only I adore Shakespeare, but that is one of the plays I love the most.

The exclusive release is another instrument, specifically inspired by the folklore origin that generated the character of Puck

The Faun Pan Flute contains seven original arranged songs. It also comes in multiple textures and male/female bento animation.
You can also try a demo version, with its limitations.

Friday 23 April 2021

Fantasy Faire is open!

 That time of the year has finally come!

We've waited, laughed, cried, remebered and mourned throughout this time.

The Fairelands are back from their slumber to remidn us of what's good in life: friendship; and that as long as we are not alone, nobody will ever be forgotten, and no fight will be truly lost.

Each year I carefully select the project and theme to bring, and since the past season, we are teaming with Janire from Belle Epoque, to bring a shared project, in an incredible partnership.

The Elven Flutes Gacha set is a brand new addition of instruments! Each flute contains a song specifically arranged and composed by me. Some are inspired by traditional Celtic and Irish folk music, and others are new twists of classic pieces.
If you're lucky enough, you might win the Ultra Rare, the Elven Jewel, which contains every single song, plus an extra one!

Moving on with the decorations, this Elf Statue is the other partnership project with Belle Epoque, as the theme was the Elegant Elven one. The statue comes into different texture variations, as well as including an extra Ivy Cover for the base.

It's time for the RFL exclusives! The Elven Flute - RFL Edition is a special flute, sporting the traditional Relay for Life colours, as well as including my own original song, "The Lament of the Trees", a piece to remember time passing by, and with it, all those we met along the way.

Last but not least. My favourite project. The traditional Fantasy Faire Monument that I create each year. Each time completely different, resembling a concept, a theme or a memory. This time it has been specifically built to remember two great friends, two pillars of Fantasy faire, who sadly left us. Cer and Fenn. Although the scar still hurst a lot, I would love this simple monument to be a memento to keep them forever within us.

The Fairelands are open back again.
Welcome home everyone.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

The Liaison Collaborative April Round

 Hello everyone,

The Liaison Collaborative is now open, with another beautiful event, providing you some wonderful products, made by amazing designers!

We're lucky to be part of this great crew, and there's a brand new product being released:

The Outdoor Patio Set is a full bundle with a good number of decors inside. The set includes a bench (with couple and single poses), a table, vases (with a traditional and birdhouse shape) and wooden walls.
All of those products come into three different texture variations: regular wood, painted one, and a mix of the two.

Thursday 15 April 2021

Redeux Anniversary Round

 Hello everyone!

It's another year, and another anniversary for the amazing Redeux event!

Not only we're celebrating beauty and style, but also many years of wonderful promotions and deals.

For this special event I've prepared an exclusive release:

This Outdoor Wall Fountain comes into two different versions: with and without faucet. Both fountains have animated water and of course, materials!

Along with this new product there will be great deals...and a gift!

Sunday 11 April 2021

Chronicles & Legends - Now open!

 Hello everyone!

The Enchantment team is one of the organizers group I adore the most. Every time they manage to bring out wonderful stories and themes, in a breathtaking environment.

This month they have decided to begin a brand new type of event, called Chronicles & Legends, and it will be focus on the Seelie and Unseelie Court lore.

Inspired by this beautiful world, I've prepared a new exclusive product:

The Unseelie Portal takes inspiration from the dark world of the Unseelie Court and their obscure nature. The Portal is made out of an old ruin, taken over by nature.
It comes with two different portal animations and three texture variation.

You can preview it at Harshlands booth!

Click here to teleport to Chronicles & Legends

Saturday 10 April 2021

The 4 Season Event - April round

 Hello everyone!

The first April event has started. There will be a good number of them.

The 4 Season Event has begun and there's a brand new exclusive release:

The Driftwood Lamp is an interactive decoration. Once you click the light bulb, light turns on and off.
In addition to this, a matching cabined is included in the package. You can preview and try the items itself.

But there's also a special promo of a classic product, you can check it out at Harshlands booth!

Monday 15 March 2021

The 77th Street Event is open

 Hello everyone,

Harshlands is now part of the 77th Street event, providing exclusive releases at special prices!

Every product in the booth is priced 77L$, but there's a catch!

There's a limited amount of products available (777), and once they're goine, everything will be reverted to its original price.

There's an exclusive release for the occasion:

This Wooden Gazebo comes into the usual three texture variations, and it's made for the upcoming spring, but also with an eye for whatever future will bring.

As everything in the event, it will be priced 77L$, at least until there's one available!

Click here to teleport to 77th Street

Monday 8 March 2021

The 4 Seasons Event March Round

 Hello everyone,

The 4 Seasons is Event is back, with a brand new management team, that is doing its very best to put the evnt into the right spotlight.

What a marvelous chance to create something new and exclusive for this round.

So I have decided to rework something you might already have seen, but with a specific design variation!

The Old Grand Piano works the very same way of the previously released Victorian one. If you purchased one, or have seen it around, you already know how it functions, and which songs are included.

There are 22 songs, both classic and classic rendition of world famous hits. It comes with a searate sitting stool equipped with a number of animations (both sitting and playing ones).

The Grand Piano comes into three different colour tones and you can try it out at the 4 Season Harshlands booth.

Click here to teleport to The 4 Seasons Event

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Home & Garden Expo is finally open!

 Hello everyone,

the news is all around the grid, but unfortunately I'm updating this now in here (some of you know that I have just finished with RL house moving).

the amazing Home & Garden Expo is finally open. Many sims, many incredible designers, and a copious amount of talented artists joining together to fight Cancer, to benefit Relay for Life.

As usual, Harshlands couldn't ignore the fight, so we're here, at the doors of the first RFL event.

In Harshlands booth you will find a number of RFL exclusive products, where 100% of the profits are going straight towards American Cancer Society, the biggest worldwide organization that operates, despite of its name, all around the globe. Please, if you feel so generous to purchase something, I would ask to prioritize those specific objects.

There is also a brand new release for the event!

The Ancient Bird Bath is a decorative trunk with animated water. it is perfect for your forest type environments, but also any garden as well. With the carved face feature, you could also give an extra touch of magic to your mystical gardens.

But there is more!

We're participating the traditional H&G Hunt. Inside Harshlands booth I've hidden a prize that you can buy for 10L$. Each hunt object purchase is a RFL donation so, not only you'll manage to play a hunt and get a prize, but you'll also help contributing to an incredible cause.

Welcome, to Home & Garden Expo!

Wednesday 17 February 2021

Redeux is now open!

 Hello everyone!

I am sending this announcement with a few days of delays. Unfortunately I was moving in RL, and up until today I couldn't access the Internet. It has been properly installed today.

Redeux is open back again, with a Valentine's Day theme!

For this lovely occasion, I have decided to bring a themed exclusive product.

The Valentine's Fireplace is a perfect home decor if you want to celebrate your loved one, your family, friends, and remind them that they're in your heart and thoughts.

The fireplace comes in two texture variation, and it has a touch toggle system to activate/deactivate the animated fire with sounds and light.

Click here to teleport to Redeux

Sunday 14 February 2021

Enchantment presents: Vikings Saga

 Hello everyone,

Enchantment is now open once again, with one of the themes I was looking forward the most: Vikings!

I've decided to create something truly special, that dives deep into the ancient lore and tradition.

This Kravik Lyre is inspired by the old instrument of the norse folks, with a sound that somehow recalls the more well known harps, but with a lower pitch tone.

This version comes into two texture variations, and you'll be able to play 7 songs, five pieces that belong to the Norse tradition, and two somehow...well known covers.

The Lyre also comes with its own HUD, that not only will allow you to choose an idle or playing animation, but also, thanks to that, with just one click you can comfortably carry your instrument on your back, or ready that on your hand.

By Harshlands booth, you will also be able to have a small preview with a demo version.

Tuesday 9 February 2021

The 4 Season Event is open

 Hello everyone!

The 4-Season Event is now open, and following the main theme of this month, Valentine's Day is the central topic revolving around this wonderful event.

As usual, we're experimenting, and giving a special twist to this festivity, with a new exclusive product.

These Love Magic Tables are inspired by the ancient tarot tradition, as well as the alchemical lore of potion making. The bundle comes with two different tables, both focusing on one of those two aspects.

In addition to that, there's a copy chair to complement the whole scenery.

By Harshlands booth, you can also take advantage of some great discounts, with products being set at 50% off!

Click here to teleport to 4-Seasons Event

Monday 8 February 2021

Out now at Swank

 Hello everyone!

Another round of Swank is now live, and the monthly theme is all about love...with a spicy twist!

For this reason, since Harshlands always focuses on PG products, I've decided to make something that could still fit the theme, and yet incorporate my own personal touch.

The Brambled Heart is a heart-shaped bush, filled with thorns, and one single, big rose, blooming at the top. No matter how much love might hurt, or keep us stressed, awake at night; no matter how hard it is to love someone...something good will always come out of this.

The Brabled Heart comes with different rose colours, and it is available at Swank!

Click here to teleport to Swank

Friday 5 February 2021

Valentine's Shop & Hop

 February is the month where we celebrate love, of every kind. 

And Linden Lab knows it well. And for this occasion, their annual Valentine's Shop & Hop event is finally live! 

We have the honour of being there once again, and I've decided to prepare a lot of new products, most of them being semi-exclusive, but making their first debut within this amazing fair!

My personal interpretation of this event, is the idea of a traditional Romantic Garden, with all the architectural and nature pieces that make them so special.

The Heart Tree is a big tree, coming in different variations. There's a regular and a maple-like bark version, and each of them come in either normal, mossy or snowy edition (the last one having lo leaves). In addition to that, in the box you will also find some hanging metal hearts with animated candle, that you place wherever you prefer. These hearts have a subtle and slow animation too.

This Garden Bridge is a wood architectural decor, with the usual three texture variation: regular, moss and snow, so that it might not only your gardens, but your entire and diverse landscapes.

What's a romantic garden without a secluded place for lovers? Here's the Romantic Alcove, which is made by two separate items: the alcove and a stone bench with single and couple (PG) poses. Both of them coming with the usual texture variations.

As a finishing touch, there it is the Garden Path, a modular building set, with several pieces to create your own pathway!

But that's not over!
There's a free gift for everyone by Harshlands booth.
Every designer has created an exclusive gift for you to enjoy. Do you want to know what's mine? Well, head over Shop & Hop to find out ;)

Monday 1 February 2021

Harshlands 7th Anniversary: events and promotions

 It really is hard to summarize seven beautiful years, gone by so fast.

But when I think about what we have achieved during this long span of time, more than finding words to type, I find feelings to be overwhelmed with: gratefulness, happiness, friendship, inspiration, magic.

All those who have walked together with me this path have left me with some of the most wonderful memories, and they will be carried throughout the years that are waiting for us.

We have faced a lot, from the sweetest moments, paved upon golden roads; to the darkest days as we sailed stormy seas. These years have made us different, and I am sure it made us better.

There is no I in Harshlands. There is no Kadaj. There is us. We're a community I am so proud of, and I am so eager to know what the future has in store for us.

And to celebrate this beautiful Seven Years together, there's a special event!

Starting from today, for the entire duration of February, Dragonstone region will be the home of Seven Orbs, one per year. They will be wandering all around the land, trying to hide, or perhaps (if they feel benevolent) letting you know where to approach them.
If you find one, don't let it go! Reach it and touch it, to receive its own unique prize!

Belle Epoque is taking part to this event as well! Inside one of the orbs, you will find an exclusive gift, masterfully crafted by the extremely talented Janire! That's a chance you definitely cannot miss!

This is a Group Event so, make sure to wear your Harshlands group tag (or alternatively, you can join the group for free by the landing point)

But there is more!

20% Cashback Promotion! (SL Marketplace)

For the first time ever, I'm introducing a special Cashback promo, for the whole month, here's how to participate:

  1. Purchase any Harshlands product on the SL Marketplace (
  2. Write a Review
  3. Send me a proof of purchase via Notecard (the product has to be purchased during this month), either via screenshot of the transaction page or, if you really can't, by informing me of what you bought.
  4. Receive 20% back of what you spent!
Because of RL keeping me busy, the L$ might not be resent immediately afterwards, but as soon as I log in, I'll send them! (another reason why I'm asking for notecards, so we can avoid IM capping)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for having made these Seven Years an incredible journey!

Tuesday 19 January 2021

New at The Liaison Collaborative

 Hello everyone,

The Liaison Collaborative is back, with a new look, but still with some of the most amazing designers of the grid.

I'm so honoured to be part of this team, and there's a brand new release for the entire duration of the event:

The Old Stone Fountain is an interactive fountain, with couple (PG) and single poses, as well as animated water. As usual, there are several texture variations: regular, moss, snow, snow and ice (for obvious reason, this last version won't have animated

In addition to that, the bundle will also feature a version without the two steps, should you need a less spacy one.

You can preview it at the event booth!

Click here to teleport to The Liaison Collaborative

Sunday 10 January 2021

New exclusive at 4-Seasons Event

 Hello everyone,

New Year, new event for us! We're joining the wonderful team and crew of 4-Seasons Event starting this year, and this first month, the overall theme is Fantasy. What a better way to join them?

Here's this round exclusive:

The Oracle Tree is a magical tree with a magic effect inside its bark. You can also opt to remove it, if you are looking towards a more realistic-looking product.

The tree features animated leaves, and multiple bark/leaf texture.

Along with the exclusive, a couple of products are discounted for the entire duration of 4-Seasons!

Click here to teleport to 4-Seasons Event

Friday 8 January 2021

Kicking off with the first event of the year: Swank!

 Hello everyone!

I hope the beginning of your 2021 has been wonderful and filled with happiness!

As we begin to stroll towards our regular routine, the first events are already starting, and Swank is the first.

New Year, new me! But also, new land for some, or perhaps it has come the time to redecorate your garden. For this reason, I made a new exclusive product that might serve you well.

The Rustic Fences are modular sets, with three textures, made of several pieces, gate included, to give a brand new look to your garden, countryside and open fields. They're low prim, and the possibilities are endless!

You can preview it at harshlands booth at Swank.

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