Monday 15 March 2021

The 77th Street Event is open

 Hello everyone,

Harshlands is now part of the 77th Street event, providing exclusive releases at special prices!

Every product in the booth is priced 77L$, but there's a catch!

There's a limited amount of products available (777), and once they're goine, everything will be reverted to its original price.

There's an exclusive release for the occasion:

This Wooden Gazebo comes into the usual three texture variations, and it's made for the upcoming spring, but also with an eye for whatever future will bring.

As everything in the event, it will be priced 77L$, at least until there's one available!

Click here to teleport to 77th Street

Monday 8 March 2021

The 4 Seasons Event March Round

 Hello everyone,

The 4 Seasons is Event is back, with a brand new management team, that is doing its very best to put the evnt into the right spotlight.

What a marvelous chance to create something new and exclusive for this round.

So I have decided to rework something you might already have seen, but with a specific design variation!

The Old Grand Piano works the very same way of the previously released Victorian one. If you purchased one, or have seen it around, you already know how it functions, and which songs are included.

There are 22 songs, both classic and classic rendition of world famous hits. It comes with a searate sitting stool equipped with a number of animations (both sitting and playing ones).

The Grand Piano comes into three different colour tones and you can try it out at the 4 Season Harshlands booth.

Click here to teleport to The 4 Seasons Event

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Home & Garden Expo is finally open!

 Hello everyone,

the news is all around the grid, but unfortunately I'm updating this now in here (some of you know that I have just finished with RL house moving).

the amazing Home & Garden Expo is finally open. Many sims, many incredible designers, and a copious amount of talented artists joining together to fight Cancer, to benefit Relay for Life.

As usual, Harshlands couldn't ignore the fight, so we're here, at the doors of the first RFL event.

In Harshlands booth you will find a number of RFL exclusive products, where 100% of the profits are going straight towards American Cancer Society, the biggest worldwide organization that operates, despite of its name, all around the globe. Please, if you feel so generous to purchase something, I would ask to prioritize those specific objects.

There is also a brand new release for the event!

The Ancient Bird Bath is a decorative trunk with animated water. it is perfect for your forest type environments, but also any garden as well. With the carved face feature, you could also give an extra touch of magic to your mystical gardens.

But there is more!

We're participating the traditional H&G Hunt. Inside Harshlands booth I've hidden a prize that you can buy for 10L$. Each hunt object purchase is a RFL donation so, not only you'll manage to play a hunt and get a prize, but you'll also help contributing to an incredible cause.

Welcome, to Home & Garden Expo!