Sunday, 14 February 2021

Enchantment presents: Vikings Saga

 Hello everyone,

Enchantment is now open once again, with one of the themes I was looking forward the most: Vikings!

I've decided to create something truly special, that dives deep into the ancient lore and tradition.

This Kravik Lyre is inspired by the old instrument of the norse folks, with a sound that somehow recalls the more well known harps, but with a lower pitch tone.

This version comes into two texture variations, and you'll be able to play 7 songs, five pieces that belong to the Norse tradition, and two somehow...well known covers.

The Lyre also comes with its own HUD, that not only will allow you to choose an idle or playing animation, but also, thanks to that, with just one click you can comfortably carry your instrument on your back, or ready that on your hand.

By Harshlands booth, you will also be able to have a small preview with a demo version.

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