Thursday, 27 February 2020

New releases at SaNaRae

Another wonderful round of SaNaRae just opened, and it runs until March 17th.

Many talented designers joined again, and we have the luck of being part of this passionate crew.

For this occasion, the third Guardian has finally been summoned!

The Spring Guardian tells a story of rebirth. As the chills of past season slowly fade, the Winter Guardian donates her life to a newborn Guardian, ready to bless and blossom these following months.

The Spring Guardian has different variations: two roots textures (bare and flowery) as well as two magnolia flower petals colours (pink and purple).

But there's another exclusive!

Spring is the season of flowers and colours. I couldn't include some falling petals to complete the set!
These petals aren't particles, but animated textures/mesh. Not only they slowly fall, but they can also rotate for a more immersive effect, depending on your needs.
You can preview them at SaNaRae as well!

Friday, 14 February 2020

Home & Garden Expo is now open!

One of the biggest RFL events has finally opened its doors.

Home & Garden Expo gathers many of the most amazing decor and landscaping designers of the whole grid, united for a cause, and raise funds to fight cancer!

Harshlands has the honour of being part of this wonderful event, and for the occasion, I've prepared some exclusive releases:

These Ancient Obelisks are low prim decorations, sporting four texture variations, each of them coming with or without runic engravings.

This is a RFL item, that means, 100% of the proceedings, will go to Relay For Life, to help finding a cure for every type of cancer.

The Relayer Sapling is another RFL exclusive. A tree with purple leaves, to remember the colour of Relay for Life, the colour of never-ending battles!

But that's not over! There is more!

If you want some more colours, the Saplings come in different variations as well, to blend with your environment, whether it is a countryside, or an elvish village!

...but that's not over yet!

Hidden in Harshlands booth at Home & Garden Expo, you can find this exclusive gift (well, the pillar is within a box, so it has been magically shrinked!). Look carefully, it's there, waiting for you!

If you're generous enough to consider purchasing a Harshlands product, or, in general, if you consider purchasing at Home & garden Expo, please prioritize RFL items if you can, as the proceedings will help those who need it the most.

Stay tuned, because there's one last surprise coming soon!

Monday, 10 February 2020

Out now at Enchantment

Enchantment opened, and everyone is welcomed to be captured by the atmosphere of the all time favourite film The Princess Bride!

To honour this legendary motion picture, I've prepared a series of architecture decors inspired by the Cliffs of Insanity, where the iconic duel between Inigo Montoya and Westley takes place.

This set features three pieces of ruin, all of them in four texture variations (regular, mossy, sandy and snowy) and with avatar animations.

But this is not over!

As usual, Enchantment organized its wonderful hunt, with lots of beautiful prizes.
Harshlands exclusive prize is a replica of Westley's mask, coming both strap or strapless version.

The prize is well hidden in Dragonstone. You might want to head over Enchantment for the whole list of prizes...and hints!

Friday, 7 February 2020

New release at Swank

Valentine's Day is approaching.

The season of love and affection, whether it is for a dear one, or towards yourself, it always is a good moment to show positivity.

Swank opened its doors to this celebration, and for the occasion, here's my exclusive event product.

The Lovers Statue is a homage to love through time and space. The purest for of dedication towards someone.

The statue comes in four different variations, and as usual, to properly appreciate the object, I always recommend to turn on Advanced Lighting Model to enable materials.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Out now at Driftwood!

Driftwood is back, introducing a brand new series of themes.

2020 is the Year of Gaming, we've already seen that with the Relay For Life season theme.
Driftwood turns from a Dream Series to a GamesSeries, and this very first round revolves around the all time classic Kingdom Hearts!

For the occasion, I've prepared two exclusives.

The Star Tree is a low prim landscaping decor, featuring several avatar animations, and some extremely peculiar fruit. This is not your regular palm tree!

As the name suggests, Kingdom Hearts is about, well...hearts! So, to celebrate that, and the incoming Valentine's Day, here's a series of decorative hearts. Coming in two variations, and several colours.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Out now at Gacha Garden

Introducing the Nemesis Wings!

This is an exclusive gacha set available at Gacha Garden for the entire month of February.
These wings are Animesh, hence adjustable. You can put them wherever you want: right on top of your shoulders, along your spine...on your head, arms, legs!

Every gacha pull awards you with a regular and XL version, so you'll get two for the price of one!

And every 20 pulls, you will automatically be awarded with the Seed of Inspiration, a special type of prize that will only be available during this Gacha Garden round, when the evend ends, there will be no way to acquire them again (apart from third party resellers).

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Harshlands 6th Anniversary

Six years ago I would have never imagined that I would be here, writing this news.
Everything began out of passion, and almost as a little gamble to myself.

The friendship and support I have been rewarded with, is the best prize I have received since Harshlands was born. The community we have built together, brick by brick, is the most treasured and cherished blessing I will forever hold within my heart.

So let us celebrate!
To other six years of Fantasy, Friendship and Laughs!
To other sixe years of us, my dear Harshlanders!

And what a better way to frame this wonderful moment, if not with a real adventure?

Introducing for the first time, our Harshlands Adventure HUD, that will enable you to begin Harshlands Quest!

And here's our Anniversary Quest: Sproutling Awakening.

Sproutlings are little creatures, seeds of the worlds, who recently arrived in the region of Dragonstone. They are so curious, and now the Sproutling Boss is unable to find them! Some are currently hiding, others are lost, while some can be in danger!

Help the Sproutling Boss to rescue them, and win prizes along the way!

To start your adventure, grab your Adventure HUD by the landing point. Don't forget to read the instruction notecard in the package, as it contains the most important tips to enjoy this brand new adventure!

If you're feeling anxious to begin, here's some recap tip:
  1.  Wait until the HUD has loaded, you will notice that by the following message: [Harshlands] Adventure HUD: Character Sheet loaded. You are now ready.
  2. To start your adventure, stand close to the Sproutling Boss. The quest will trigger on its own
  3. Can't interact with a quest step? What you found is probably linked to another quest task!
  4. When you find the specific Sproutling you are asked to find, click on it (you must be at least 10 meters from it) 

Click here to start your Adventure!