Monday 15 November 2021

Enchantment is open!

 Hello everyone!

Holiday Season is about to begin, and with the opening of the amazing Enchantmnet event, we're starting to see the first snow and Christmas themed products.

For this round, the team behind the event, decided to revisit the beautiful tale of the Nutcracker, and there's a very special exclusive release waiting for you.

If you've followed some of my past releases, you might have noticed that I've developed a passion for crafting musical instrument. This time I have decided to experiment with something never done before.

The Nutcracker Music Box is a tribute to the spirit of a Christmas long gone, when we were but kids, and we'd be amazed by the music produced by those little machines. 

This music box comes with 7 traditional Nutcracker songs, and whenever it's playing, the music box will start spinning.

In addition to that, a statue-version of the two nutcracker soldiers is included.

You can try the Music Box at Enchantment, where a special gift will also be waiting for you!

Click here to teleport to Enchantment