Thursday, 23 April 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020

April has arrived.
Amidst the pandemic global crisis, one beacon of light comes out: Fantasy Faire.
This year it's particularly important. Harshlands will dedicate Fantasy Faire 2020 to Chisato.
For this reason there will be a number of RFL-related initatives, starting from joining the One Team project, uniting a selected number of Relay for Life Teams under one common flag!

This year, we're bringing LOTS of new releases, specifically crafted for Fantasy Faire.
Since the list isn't short, I'll begin showcasing the RFL-exclusives.

Yes, they're back, completely renewed! The new Fantasy Faire Necklaces are here, featuring 25 different themes. You will find that the rares are dedicated to people who have played an important part in Harshlands development, and that their creative power has proved to be a light cast in the Faires. 100% of the profits are going straight to help patients in need.

A dedication to Chisato. She loved apple juice, and during her last days, this was one of the things she craved for, because it would have given her a brief moment of real and painless life. It is resizable, and so, it will surely fit your arm, whether you are an adult, kid, tiny, dinkie, or any other creature of this vast world.

Every year I love to come out with a monument dedicate to Fantasy Faire. Since I've already reworked the necklaces, I thought to rework one of my first monument, so here it is, the Spring of the Faire, featuring singles and couples animations (PG, obviously).

Our Musi couldn't stand back during this fight against cancer! And so, they called forth the RFL Warrior. It will proudly follow you in your adventures!

And here's the event exclusives:

The very first partnership project with Belle Epoque. Janire and me worked to bring out a themed and matching set, that we decided to rename Devonshire Project, bringing you in an old gone world of victorian dresses and stone walls. Belle Epoque wil bring two amazing outfits (and one for male too!!) You can check here the preview of her Duchy of Devonshire!

To complement the Devonshire Castle, you might also find the Creeping Ivy set. These ivies aren't specifically made for the Castle, so you can use them anywhere you want. They come with four seasonal variations, and five different shapes.

Happily presenting Kiki's Orrery! Akiko loves orreries, and I love smooth rotation so, what a betetr idea to make a mechanical orrery? It comes with a constant (almost accurate...because SL is SL) rotation based off planets speed.

Last but not least, the Ancient Astrologist Set is a decoration bundle that can easily be paired with the orrery, or your study, forbidden lore library...whatever your taste drives you!
They're two separate pieces.

Ps. This year I've also made a Worldling, which is a window to a world that might be shaped in the future, or that might be a glimpse of a future that might be. Discover Aetherna 

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Three years of Redeux!

Three years ago, Redeux event opened its doors for the very first time.

This wonderful event is one of the pinnacles of the Second Life shopping experience, and I feel so honoured of being among the talented artists that are taking part!
Moreover, Harshlands is one of the event sponsors, and to celebrate this, I've got one special exclusive release for you.

The Guardian Lady Statue is a product of love, with her embracing and welcoming open arms, she represents my gratitude towards Titania, Lark and Lulu, their neverending passion for organizing all kind of events, in a fun and friendly environment.

This statue comes in 5 texture variations, and a separate votive rock that releases magic wisps in the air.

The product also comes at a starting 25% off discount from its definitive future price!

There are also some special deals waiting for you!

Elderwood Sapling - 50L!
Tombstone Set - 50% off!

And if you head there, wearing the Redeux VIP group tag, you can also receive a gift from every designer!

Happy birthday Redeux!
Congratulations Titania, Lark and Lulu!

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Out now at Swank!

Another month, another Swank theme.

This time we're going to Hollywood!
Yes, this is quite a surprise for Harshlands, as I've always been focused on everything Fantasy, but I love challenges!

For this round I've brought to you a set of Concrete Letters, inspired by the famous Hollywood Hills.

The set contains all the letters of the alphabet, so that you can get creative, and write what you want (I'm not responsible for offensive texts!). In addition to the iconic colour set, I've added, given the current world state, a post apoc version too.

You can preview and purchase it by comfortably clicking the link below.

And as usual, stay safe!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Driftwood: Ark Survival Round is on!

As every start of the month, Driftwood is open once more, celebrating the wild and perilous nature of Ark!

Roam the jungle, and be careful of the ancient mysteries that had been brought back.

For the occasion, there is quite a number of exclusives!

The Alien Arch is an 8 prim sculpture, coming in different variations to fit your landscape, as well as different glowing stone colour.

Spread fear and danger in your landscape with the Ancient Ribcage! No dinosaur animal has been harmed to make them! You can use it as a gateway, bridge, decor..though I don't recommend feasting on it.

This Power Station comes in different colours. It is said it once was a great source of power to keep alive some unspeakable horror.

Dulcis in fundo, you can also find this Bone Fire set. Bonfire...bonefire..get it? Right?
The Bonefire itself has a touch control that activates mesh+particle flame, sound, and light (and it comes in 4 variations too). Included in hte box, you'll find a series of matching series stumps.

You can fully preview the products at Driftwood.