Friday 23 April 2021

Fantasy Faire is open!

 That time of the year has finally come!

We've waited, laughed, cried, remebered and mourned throughout this time.

The Fairelands are back from their slumber to remidn us of what's good in life: friendship; and that as long as we are not alone, nobody will ever be forgotten, and no fight will be truly lost.

Each year I carefully select the project and theme to bring, and since the past season, we are teaming with Janire from Belle Epoque, to bring a shared project, in an incredible partnership.

The Elven Flutes Gacha set is a brand new addition of instruments! Each flute contains a song specifically arranged and composed by me. Some are inspired by traditional Celtic and Irish folk music, and others are new twists of classic pieces.
If you're lucky enough, you might win the Ultra Rare, the Elven Jewel, which contains every single song, plus an extra one!

Moving on with the decorations, this Elf Statue is the other partnership project with Belle Epoque, as the theme was the Elegant Elven one. The statue comes into different texture variations, as well as including an extra Ivy Cover for the base.

It's time for the RFL exclusives! The Elven Flute - RFL Edition is a special flute, sporting the traditional Relay for Life colours, as well as including my own original song, "The Lament of the Trees", a piece to remember time passing by, and with it, all those we met along the way.

Last but not least. My favourite project. The traditional Fantasy Faire Monument that I create each year. Each time completely different, resembling a concept, a theme or a memory. This time it has been specifically built to remember two great friends, two pillars of Fantasy faire, who sadly left us. Cer and Fenn. Although the scar still hurst a lot, I would love this simple monument to be a memento to keep them forever within us.

The Fairelands are open back again.
Welcome home everyone.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

The Liaison Collaborative April Round

 Hello everyone,

The Liaison Collaborative is now open, with another beautiful event, providing you some wonderful products, made by amazing designers!

We're lucky to be part of this great crew, and there's a brand new product being released:

The Outdoor Patio Set is a full bundle with a good number of decors inside. The set includes a bench (with couple and single poses), a table, vases (with a traditional and birdhouse shape) and wooden walls.
All of those products come into three different texture variations: regular wood, painted one, and a mix of the two.

Thursday 15 April 2021

Redeux Anniversary Round

 Hello everyone!

It's another year, and another anniversary for the amazing Redeux event!

Not only we're celebrating beauty and style, but also many years of wonderful promotions and deals.

For this special event I've prepared an exclusive release:

This Outdoor Wall Fountain comes into two different versions: with and without faucet. Both fountains have animated water and of course, materials!

Along with this new product there will be great deals...and a gift!

Sunday 11 April 2021

Chronicles & Legends - Now open!

 Hello everyone!

The Enchantment team is one of the organizers group I adore the most. Every time they manage to bring out wonderful stories and themes, in a breathtaking environment.

This month they have decided to begin a brand new type of event, called Chronicles & Legends, and it will be focus on the Seelie and Unseelie Court lore.

Inspired by this beautiful world, I've prepared a new exclusive product:

The Unseelie Portal takes inspiration from the dark world of the Unseelie Court and their obscure nature. The Portal is made out of an old ruin, taken over by nature.
It comes with two different portal animations and three texture variation.

You can preview it at Harshlands booth!

Click here to teleport to Chronicles & Legends

Saturday 10 April 2021

The 4 Season Event - April round

 Hello everyone!

The first April event has started. There will be a good number of them.

The 4 Season Event has begun and there's a brand new exclusive release:

The Driftwood Lamp is an interactive decoration. Once you click the light bulb, light turns on and off.
In addition to this, a matching cabined is included in the package. You can preview and try the items itself.

But there's also a special promo of a classic product, you can check it out at Harshlands booth!