Wednesday 14 July 2021

Swank is now open!

Hello everyone! With the arrival of summer, it's time for a vacation, even here in Second Life!

Swank opened its doors as usual, and for this month, I've prepared a beach themed exclusive release!

This Beach Hut is a mesh building that comes in three different textures, to match the theme and the suitable environment where the hut might be placed. 

You can preview it at Harshlands booth at Swank!

Happy summer!

Click here to teleport to Swank

Sunday 11 July 2021

Chronicles and Legends is open!

 Hello everyone!

The beautiful and incredible Chronicles and Legends event is now open, and as every time, they surprise me with the incredible theme they choose and discover.

July's theme is Live Long, Prosper, & Use the Force a spectacular mashup between the two most loved space fight and exploration saga: Star Wars and Star Trek!

I've decided to team up with Star Wars, as, between the two, is the one I grew up with, and for the occasion, I've prepared another special instrument.

The Hallisket is a unique six-string instrument, that has been featured in some Star Wars related films or games. I felt like it needed to find some love here in Second Life, where everything is possible.

The Hallisket comes with 8 songs and 2 texture variation.

The instrument is HUD based, so, make sure to read the notecard inside the package, to fully understand hwo to use it. There's also a demo available by the booth!

But there is more!

As for every round of this amazing evet, there is a special hunt and, for the occasion, there is a very special and interactive gift. I won't spoil you the surprise but, I will just tell you this: This is the Way.

Click here to teleport to Chronicles and Legends