Wednesday, 15 December 2021

A Song of Hope: Holiday Season Events

 Hello everyone!

For some this will be the most wonderful time of the year, others will be sititng by the fireplace because it's cold outside. Friends will be jingling bells, and relatives will enjoy a white Christmas in a winter wonderland.

But it definitely won't be the last Christmas!

Every year I am always so thrilled to organise something in Harshlands, and this time I've decided to group all the current, and upcoming, events, under one single banner.

A Song of Hope will be Harshlands Holiday Season big event, with its traditional, signature prize hunt!

There will be 10 prizes well hidden (although I might be a bit more kind than the previous hunt) in Harshlands store region Dragonstone. To claim the prize you simply have to find and click it. One important thing: as usual, please make sure to have your Harshlands store group tag active. if you're not part of the group, you can join for free by the landing point.

The prizes waiting for you are mostly exclusive, and hand crafted with heart and love. Because it's a season not only for celebrating, but also for hoping in a better future, each product you'll find is made with hope it will bright up these nights that are gradually getting longer.

In addition to the treasure hunt, there are several events happening, and more starting in the following days!

Holiday Shop & Hop

The Linden Lab Shopping event is back! By Harshlands booth you will be able to find lots discounted of products, from 25% to 70% off! But wait....

...there is more!

A special gift is waiting for you, along with two exclusive, brand new releases:

These little creatures come either as Avatar or Animesh Companion. The latter being ready with its own AO that will react to your actions! They're discounted as well!

A Shopping Carol

There is another typical Christmas Event that I love to join all the time: A Shopping Carol! This event takes place in every mainstore of the participating designer. Harshlands couldn't say no!

For the occasion, I've prepared a truly special release:

I've always loved the sound made by Kalimbas, the soft notes that can be rich and warm at the same time. This Christmas Kalimba comes with 8 traditional songs, that you can easily preview next to the product vendor, simply by clicking the instrument!


The beautiful land of Redeux turns into a winter magical town! Lots of deals to be found, and among them, there will alwats be a 50L product! Come check that out!

The Driftwood Lamp is the 50L Harshlands item, and it comes with an extra cabinet for display. You can toggle its light, and it has two texture variations.


Last but not least, Swank is here! Not only there is a new release, but also a special gift for everyone!

These Wooden Christmas Decorations are a memory from old fair, where as a kid we would be amazed by the craftsmanship of our local artisans. These decorations come in two variations and texture, to fit your Holiday Region!

In addition to these events, there is more! If you find a snowy circle, landmark that place! You found the Giving Circle where dear friends will periodically add gifts for everyone to enjoy! It's our wish for the happiest of the holiday seasons!

Also, events will keep on being added so...stay on the watch!