Thursday 24 December 2020

Happy Holidays

 It's the season and the time of giving and being thankful.

We have battled a year that we will hardly forget. We've ventured through a storm we couldn't predict.

We struggled, cried, mourned at a point that we forgot what sadness is, as we got used to this feeling.

This might not seem the time to celebrate. And yet, I believe that there isn't a year in which we should celebrate more than this wicked 2020.

While being distant from each other, we are learning back again what it means to truly embrace this season. We have discovered once more the true value of affection, and the significance of cherishing those we hold dear, not through a monetary exchange, but by letting them know that no matter what, we will be there.

But I want to, first and foremost, be thankful, to each of you.

As for the majority of us, the outbreak of Covid pandemic has had a huge impact in my life. As some already knew, I had a store in Real Life, that I was forced to close in April because of Coronavirus needed restrictions. Harshlands became my full time job (it's quite hard to find a RL-based job where I live nowadays), and while commitment kept me excited, that came with a cost, with a luggage of stress and fear for the future. 

And so I want to thank you, for supporting Harshlands, especially in this time where we might easily be led to believe that non-primary needs seem to hold no value. I thank you for dedicating your time to my creations. They're made with my heart, and each word, feedback, suggestion, is a treasured blessing that I will keep. Second Life community is an amazing one. We stood strong and united in a time in which we could have been torn apart. We all understood the value of this fantastic platform. 

Second Life became the Real Life we wished for. And it brought us (and still brings us!) the peace we are longing for.

But since it is also the season of giving, I would like to remind you that the Giving Circle is ready for you. Many designer friends (friends, before designers) have teamed up to show everyone of you, how important you are. In our regions we have set up a Giving Circle filled with gifts for you. Please make sure to grab them, and visit each Landmark in it, because there may be even more gifts in their locations.

From the bottom of my heart, whether you will be celebrating Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, Halloween (it's always Halloween, we know it), or if you are being thankful for what life will bring, Happy Holidays. And thank you for such a weird, twisted, but nevertheless incredible year.

Fingers crossed for a wonderful 2021!

Friday 18 December 2020

Saturnalia is open!

 Hello everyone,

the wonderful Saturnalia event is now open, celebrating the pagan origins of Christmas, and everything Yule-related.

For this event I have prepared something that could fit the general atmosphere and landscape:

The new Fir Trees are animated trees (they also come as static) that come in three shapes: two medium-sized and one giant-sized with low LOD (therefore lower i prims, but Object Details set at maximum would be advised for optimal long distances render).

In addition to multiple shape, they also come in four textures, to properly blend in your landscape: whether it's a snowy forest or a forsaken tundra, there's a suitable variariation.

As a special Saturnalia-only promotion, purchasing the Fir Trees will gift you a copy of the mesh Falling Snow, a last year release that is displayed at the Saturnalia Booth.

Click here to teleport to Saturnalia

Thursday 17 December 2020

Harshlands Christmas Hunt: from Dec 17 to Jan 10

 It's that time fo the year again!

It might have begun few days later than ordinary, but our traditional Christmas Hunt is finally ready to welcome all the adventurers.

The prizes are waiting to be found, at a point that I am sure I could see some of the hunt boxes jumping around! (Maybe that is why it took me longer to prepare this event...).

Being a group hunt you're kindly invited to join Harshlands group, and activate the tag, because to claim the gift, you will have to click on the hunt box.

<<Oh no Kadaj, but the hunt started later, will I be able to find all the prizes before Christmas?>>

Yes you will! Grab the hints notecard by the landing point, and start looking for the hidden treasures with ease. And I promise I haven't included decoys!

<< But, what am I looking for?>>

Well it's Christmas, sure you won't be looking for Easter Eggs! Here's the hunt box

These boxes are scattered around Dragonstone (there's a Giving Circle identical box, and even if it contains a free gift, this will not cound as hunt gift). Use the given direction to discover their location!

Enjoy the Hunt my friends, and may this Christmas be happier than ever, because we all need a little sparkle to guide our hearts towards the end of this year!

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Redeux is open

Hello everyone,

the last 2020 round of Redeux is finally open! 

During these last 48 hours we had to face log in problems, scripts faulty communication, unusable vendors...I guess we had to end this cursed year with a proper bang!

So, hoping everything will go smooth, here's Redeux exclsuive for this months!

The Mountain Cabin is an intimate house that resembles the typical A-Shape cabins that can be found up in the mountainside. It's cozy, and also comes with a snowy variation (part of it can be seen at Redeux, while a full preview is in Harshlands mainstore).
It has a full interior and a Kool System door.

By the same booth you'll be able to snag some deals too!

Saturday 12 December 2020

Christmas Memories Gacha Set - A multi event gacha set

 Hello everyone,

I am so happy to introduce you to a brand new, and very unique gacha set. It is called Christmas Memories and it's made of many decorations and pieces of furniture, not only to deck the halls, but also your whole home!

Click the picture for full size

 Each piece embodies a specific memory linked to Christmas: from the joyful time of sharing traditional music, to relaxing nights sitting by the fire. 

This is a gacha set that is meant to unite people, especially in these days where we are forced to stay apart. It's a set meant to be shared and gifted to your dear ones. It is one of my biggest, and yet, happiest endeavour.

As you might imagine, this is a limited set, that will go away with Christmas.

It's a multi event set but, it has currently made its debut at the Holiday Shop & Hop event by Linden Labs. However, since those regions might easily be full, you might also play the gacha at Harshlands mainstore (and soon to other events).

In addition to Christmas Memories, at the Shop & Hop there will also be exclusive discounts, from 25%, up to 75%, and a gift that will surely go well with the new gacha prizes!

Click here to teleport to Holiday Shop & Hop

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Swank December Round

 Hello everyone,

the last 2020 round of Swank has just begun, and I've decided to prepare something I've been asked about quite some time!

I've always wanted to make a bridge, and many times I have been asked if I ever had this intention. Well...better late than never!
The Stone Bridge comes into two variation, one covered in grass, and one covered in snow. This is the first of many other bridges to come.

You can preview the bridge at Harshlands booth at Swank!

Monday 7 December 2020

A Shopping Carol has begun!

 Jingle your bells, prepare your sleighs, for A Shopping Carol event has started!

Lots of deals and gifts to be found, and we're proudly part of this fun event.

There is no unique loaction, every participating store will offer an exclusive release plus a hidden gift in their own mainstore. And I've got something special for you.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, or if you simply are enjoying the unique magic that only winter season can bring, the Votive Trunks are a decor that can easily fit your region or parcel, or even our garden! Coming as single trunk, group of three or a large composition, these trunks have candles with an animated flickering flame.

In addition to the new release, there's also a hidden gift in the region! The Rustic Patio can easily be previewed, as it is used as personal setup booth of A Shopping Carol at Harshlands! (Which will also showcase something very new!)
How to obtain it? Easy enough (well, maybe no): simply head over Harshlands mainstore, and grab A Shopping Carol HUD in front of the landing point. The HUD lists all the designers' exclusives and gifts, as well as hints on how to find them.

Click here to teleport to Harshlands

Friday 4 December 2020

SL Christmas Expo is now open!

 It's the most wonderful time of Second Life!

December has arrived, and the grid is turning white, snowy and merry. With that it comes the annual SL Christmas Expo, a Relay for Life event, where many wonderful desingers team up with a goal. This year we aim to gather 4 million L$ for funding cancer research!

For the event, there are three exclusive RFL releases. All the proceedings going straight towards American Cancer Society, working worldwide to find a cure to every type of cancer.

The Christmas Cut outs are special decorative items to bring some fun in your property, whether it is a small cottage, or a forest. They come with a pose animation, perfect for settiing up some very peculiar photoshoot sessions.

Christmas is about those around us, and the beautiful moment we share together, be it while sitting by the fireplace or through a Zoom call. For this reason I've decided to create the Happy Memory Frame, a memento to celebrate the warmth of our dear ones.

Each frame is customizable, and the built in shadow will allow you to maintain a realistic vignetting effect to every picture.

This frame comes into three texture variation.

And if you want to explore the Expo, why not doing it with style? The Magic Sleigh is a special product, wrapped inside the Stocking Stuffer that you can find available for purchase for 25L$ (that are still going to RFL) at the centre of Harshlands booth.
This sleigh lets out magic particles and a traditional Christmas Sleigh sound that well, you might already hear in your heart!

Christmas Expo is open, but it won't last long! On December 13, the magic will go back to its slumber, until it's Christmas time again!