Sunday, 20 June 2021

SL 18th Birthday Celebrations

 Hello everyone!

18 Years ago, the greatest Virtual Community of all times have been created. And we're all here to wish Happy Birthday to our wonderful Second Life!

I feel so privileged to have witnessed highs and lows, incredible events, and the arrival of new technologies. This shows how much of a parallel world SL can be.

We have made a community within this extraordinary system, and many more are entwined all together. So a cheer to SL, but also to all of us, the Residents!

This year I have been invited again to the huge Shop & Hop event. So many designers, joining together with exclusive discounts and gifts.

Here, at Harshlands, I love to bring an exclusive release, even when not asked to so, here's the new product, coming with a 20% discount off its final price

This Viking House is directly inspired from one of those builds you might have seen in the fictional redition of the city of Kattegat, brought to fame, also, by the TV Show Vikings.

The House comes into three texture variation: Regular, Mossy and Snowy. It also features a Kool System Door and, as usual, materials.

But that's not all!

By the house entrance, there's a special gift for you to grab...
...And inside the house there will be more deals!

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