Friday, 21 April 2023

Fantasy Faire 2023 is open!

 Hello everyone,

after months, sleepless nights and countless of coffee cups, Fantasy Faire has opened, and the Fairelands are once again among us!

This year, Janire and me have been tasked again to build a region, and being placed amidst such talented and passionate Worldbuilders truly filled us with inspiration.

Our region is called Nysaris.

Trade harbor of a lush and prosperous peninsula, Nysaris has known peace but also a great deal of turmoil. Its story is written in songs, and it is for you to discover, thanks to the region hunt A Song of Nysaris:

Along with the region building, Janire and me are obviously sponsoring Nysaris, and right in front of the landing point, you will find our shared store, filled with exclusive releases, and many RFL products.
The majority of the buildings you see in the region is also being put for sale in our sponsor store!

Please, do consider stopping by in each of the many designers' stores, and give yourself the gift of love and care, by purchasing one of the amazing products they are offering through the dedicated Relay for Life vendors.

Each year we gather to fight a common cause. Let us be the light for those who are crawling in the darkness.

Happy Faire friends!

Sunday, 29 January 2023

A small update

Hello everyone, I believe I owe you more than a simple message, but let's start with this one as a first step.

Before I begin: yes, everything is fine, and nothing is going to stop!

Yet a lot happened in my life in the past two months.

I found a new job in Real Life, as Night Time Hotel manager. It's fun and extremely interesting, however that came with a huge toll, that is, having to reschedule all of my time and availability, in both worlds.

During these two months I found myself unable to coordinate and tend to Harshlands as I would have loved to, and that also caused me to rarely access platforms like Discord, where many of  you messaged me.

In addition to that, the New Year brought me some seasonal sickness, that kept me in a sort of stand-by phase (aka in bed) so to rest enough to go to work.

Last but not least, I've developed what is called De Quervain Tenosynovitis, which is a very aggressive inflammation of the thumb tendon, which basically makes it impossible to have a functioning hand.

After undergoing a lot of treatment (still going) I have regained the use of my hand, although it still hurts to even do daily routine actions.

I am extremely sorry for not answering and being a stranger. I have been working hard behind the scenes, trying to catch up with the deadlines.

If I am writing this message, that's because I'm starting to finally find a balance, now that also my Real Life is starting to appear well, normal.

I hope you can accept my apologies, and in the following days I will make sure to be the friend I always wanted to be, to all of you.