Monday 13 July 2020

Harshlands Summer Hunt

Hello everyone, starting today, up until August 31st, Harshlands is happy to host another hunt!
Summer Hunt will let you win some exclusive and never-seen-before prizes, in order to build your own dock scenery!

This is a group hunt, so you have to join Harshlands group (free to join) and keep the tag active to claim the prizes.

There are 10 rewards hidden all around Dragonstone. Be warned, the hunt prim can be tricky to find so, I would recommend keeping a LOD factor of 4.000, if you want to make the hunt easier.

And since this is a group hunt, you're always free to share hints and suggestion with every other hunter. (Though giving solutions is always not encouraged...let's keep it challenging!)

Happy Summer Harshlanders, and enjoy the hunt!

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Swank July Round

We're in the middle of summer season, and Swank has gone tropical!
Grab your swimwear and sunscreen, because it is time to set off for a new adventure.
For this round I have brought a special release for your landscape:

This set of Coastal Cliffs is a modular pack, containing three copy/mod cliffs, coming in 3 different textures.
Not only they would fit your tropical setting, but being flexible and versatile, you can adapt them to any environment.

You can find them at the landmark below: