Tuesday, 19 January 2021

New at The Liaison Collaborative

 Hello everyone,

The Liaison Collaborative is back, with a new look, but still with some of the most amazing designers of the grid.

I'm so honoured to be part of this team, and there's a brand new release for the entire duration of the event:

The Old Stone Fountain is an interactive fountain, with couple (PG) and single poses, as well as animated water. As usual, there are several texture variations: regular, moss, snow, snow and ice (for obvious reason, this last version won't have animated water...well..ice).

In addition to that, the bundle will also feature a version without the two steps, should you need a less spacy one.

You can preview it at the event booth!

Click here to teleport to The Liaison Collaborative

Sunday, 10 January 2021

New exclusive at 4-Seasons Event

 Hello everyone,

New Year, new event for us! We're joining the wonderful team and crew of 4-Seasons Event starting this year, and this first month, the overall theme is Fantasy. What a better way to join them?

Here's this round exclusive:

The Oracle Tree is a magical tree with a magic effect inside its bark. You can also opt to remove it, if you are looking towards a more realistic-looking product.

The tree features animated leaves, and multiple bark/leaf texture.

Along with the exclusive, a couple of products are discounted for the entire duration of 4-Seasons!

Click here to teleport to 4-Seasons Event

Friday, 8 January 2021

Kicking off with the first event of the year: Swank!

 Hello everyone!

I hope the beginning of your 2021 has been wonderful and filled with happiness!

As we begin to stroll towards our regular routine, the first events are already starting, and Swank is the first.

New Year, new me! But also, new land for some, or perhaps it has come the time to redecorate your garden. For this reason, I made a new exclusive product that might serve you well.

The Rustic Fences are modular sets, with three textures, made of several pieces, gate included, to give a brand new look to your garden, countryside and open fields. They're low prim, and the possibilities are endless!

You can preview it at harshlands booth at Swank.

Click here to teleport to Swank