Friday, 19 June 2020

SL17B Shop and Hop exclusives

Second Life turns 17, that's one year left to be an adult!
That means we can still play and celebrate like there is no tomorrow!

This year Harshlands have been lucky and honoured of having been selected to be one of the stores taking part to the Shop and Hop event: 200 designers, la creme de la creme of Second Life, offering gifts, exclusives and discounts!

For such an event, I have prepared some very peculiar exclusives...and much more!

It is time to meet the Eophins! A brand new creature, emerging from misty woods.
These little glowing entities come into many many variations!
Not only they have three different shapes, and several colour choice, but they also can be found as Animesh Companions (with a full working AO), Animesh Decor, and user Tiny Avatars!
Available to be purchased as small bundles (based off colours) or fatpacks.
The Eophins will be sold with a starting discount of 20% off the final price.

But where would Eophins live? Here's the chance to grab this new modular set of Garden Rocks, made of four different pieces, each of them with four different textures.
The Garden Rocks will be sold with a starting discount of 20% off the final price.

Did I mention gifts at the beginning of the blog post? Yes there are! Every designer is offering an exclusive gift for everyone! My gift is a special Eophin, never to be seen anywhere else:

The Eophin Headpet sports a very colorful body, and a funny belly sit upon your head, curiously watching over you!

In addition to all of this, by Harshlands booth, every single product offered willbe discounted from 20% to 50%!

It is time to celebrate 17 years of this wonderful world! 

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Redeux is open again

The time has finally come, Redeux welcomes us back again, for a wonderful round, with so many incredible designers!

We had the luck of having been chosen as sponsors back again, and for the occasion, I've got a new exclusive ready!

The Rock Pathway is a walkable landscaping decor, featuring four different texture variations, to fit your land and your garden. You can preview it right at the event (the product is downscaled to fit the vendor setup, but the actual version is bigger, even if, being mod, it is resizable).

At the same time, you can also take advantage of some special deals, with 50% discounts and one special product being priced 50L only for the event!

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Swank: a celebration of colours!

Hello everyone,
first of all, sorry for the late notice, as Swank is already open since some days.

I had to deal with RL moving, between two houses separated by 200km. All of this, happening withour a proper internet connection, so, I was unable to keep track of everything.

But...Swank is open again!
June is the pride month, a celebration of every kind of love (for which I've prepared a group gift by the store landing point), and colours play a vital part.
I have joined the movement, and I am happy to showcase June's exclusives.

The Paint Buckets are one of the most iconic and immediate references to colour. They're the source of art, and they can convey so many messages. These special buckets come in three different shapes and multiple colours. In addition to that, a melted paint groun is included in the pack.

To continue with the Pride Month movement, I am happy to present a series of Rainbow Backdrops. They're perfect for pictures...and group hugs! They are offered in three texture variations.

You can find both exclusives at Swank. Your taxi below!