Friday 22 April 2022

Fantasy Faire 2022 is here

The Mists fade away, and the doors of the Fairelands are open once again.

It is Fantasy Faire time. My own personal best time of the year.

For this is not a simple shopping event. it is a gathering of people, fighting together, winning together. It is a joint effort to raise funds to dissipate cancer, in all of its forms.

This edition is even more special, because Janire from Belle Epoque and me have been tasked to create a Region. We've become worldmakers, and one Faireland is inspired by our vision, something we have been kept secret for a very long time.

Living Echoes is a Region of Hope and unconditional love. The type of affection that puts down every boundary. It's a message, to remember, and to never forget those we left behind, for keeping them in our memory will make them live forever.

When you wander around Living Echoes, keep your eyes open, for echoes of the past will be waiting for you in every corner.

Of course there will be new releases, lots of them! Every single original piece of the Region's architecture is available for purchase. There's also a brand new musical instrument, inspired by Living Echoes; it has been sneakily added to the vendors by Harshlands booth. You'll have to find it!

You can visit Harshlands, Belle Epoque, Living Echoes and Fantasy Faire by using the link below.

By the Landing point you will find a Teleport HUD, as well as a special free Low Lag avatar we've made!

Click here to teleport to Fantasy Faire