Friday, 21 May 2021

The Liaison Collaborative is open

 Hello everyone!

Another month, and another round of The Liaison Collaborative has begun. And as usual, we have the luck to be amidst so many talented designers!

Here's the exclusive release for this month

The Secluded Lantern is a decoration with animated flames, and it comes in two different variation: a regular one, with light moss along the surface, and a snow version, for your winter/mountain environments.

You can preview the lantern at TLC!

Click here to teleport to TLC

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Enchantment is open!

 Hello everyone!

Enchantment is finally open again! I've always said that this is one of the events that I look forward the most. Not only because of the wonderful themes, but also because the people organizing it are always so kind and professional at the same time.

And this time, we're finally sponsors!

There's an amazing theme this round: Midsummer Night's Dream! Not only I adore Shakespeare, but that is one of the plays I love the most.

The exclusive release is another instrument, specifically inspired by the folklore origin that generated the character of Puck

The Faun Pan Flute contains seven original arranged songs. It also comes in multiple textures and male/female bento animation.
You can also try a demo version, with its limitations.