Wednesday 12 October 2022

Haunted Clouds - A Halloween Hunt and Events

Hello everyone!

It's that time of the year, and as we bid our farewell to the warm season, the moment has come to celebrate everything obscure and macabre.

With the arrival of Halloween, our traditional hunt has been prepared, and it is now ready to enjoy.
There will ten prizes hidden around the new Dragonstone region. There will be some all time favourite prize for those who never managed to snag them (my apologies if you already had them), although most of them will be brand new original releases!

As usual, this is a group hunt, so please make sure to wear Harshlands group tag to get the prizes. If you're not part of the group, you can freely join without a hassle!

But Halloween doesn't simply mean hunting season, but also the time for many spooky releases, and since a couple of years I have developed the habit to merge important holiday seasons under one unique banner.

Throughout the month there will be new releases, yet some are already available:

The Skeleton Bullseye is an interactive game with scoreboard. Challenge your friend to see who's the fastest to hit the centre of the spinning wheel!
If you're not into competition, there's a decor-only version included.

This is an exclusive release for the Halloween Shop & Hop organized by Linden Labs.
Every item you'll see (the Bullseye included) will be discounted, from 30% to 70% off, and in addition to that, there will also be an exclusive gift waiting for you!

Inspired by tribal traditions, the Skeleton Lyre is a playable instrument made out of a...rather modified human skull (is it human though?).
It comes with seven songs to choose, and three colour variations.

You can find this instrument at We <3 Roleplay event, with an initial discount over the its final price when the event ends|

Not really last, for mroe new releases are incoming, there's The Silent Watcher, a statue about the unperturbed flow of time. The sculpture comes with five colour variations.

This is an exclusive release for Swank, already available to preview!

Tuesday 4 October 2022

A very personal post. A sad farewell.

 Hello everyone,

there are some things yo uwish you neve rhave to write, and some you'd never expect to.

I've been silent, absent, and off for quite some weeks, and I believe there's an explanation I owe you.

Some dear friends know I'm a cat dad, and a very cat person. The love I have for my cats is something that is really hard to top. They're no different from being sons to me.

A few weeks ago Hamlet, the alpha boy of the group of three brothers (two blood related, one adopted) stopped being responsive. He began being extremely sleepy, and uninterested towards food. 

That put me on alarm mode. Especially because he's always been rather healthy.

He undergo exams and tests, and ultimately I received the news I didn't want to hear, but that in my heart was expecting.

"He's got a degenerative neurological problem, it will slowly cause his organs to turn off, one by one. It won't be pretty. Unfortunately there is nothing to do about it".

I had to take the only possible solution for my Hamlet. So, as I held him in my arms, I gave the consent for a sweet, swift and painless solution, injected with love.

As I lulled him towards the rainbow bridge, I hope he found peace, for there will be no shortage of love, at least here.

Unfortunately pain come in different shapes, and my time of grief translated into closing myself, staring at a blank pc screen, sorting pictures, listening to music, and silently trying to get back the pieces of a broken heart.

He showed me eight years of pure affection, from the very first moments, when he chose me at the animal shelter, bringing his brother with him.

To all my friends, I am sorry if I did not answer your messages recently.

To all the Harshlanders, I am sorry if I did not provide a decent customer service.

To all the event owners, I am sorry if I did not setup, or if I was a no show.

I am starting to heal, and the sad toughts are now making room for bittersweet memories and fond stories to tell.

There will definitely be a plaque for Hamlet by the little memorial island. It's still hard to get to work on it. But there will be one.