Monday, 23 August 2021

End of Gach-..ahem...Summer Hunt!


Hello everyone! As summer is nearing to its end, as well as something else, I've decided to start a new hunt, with some very peculiar prizes to be found!

End of Summer Hunt (Summer, of course!) is a group Hunt taking place in Harshlands inworld store. 

15 former Gacha prizes have been scattered all around Dragonstone, and your task is to find them all if you can! There's a lot of time to complete it, and the prizes will have yes copy/no transfer permission.

To receive the prizes, you will have to keep your Harshlands group tag active. (You can join the group free of charge by the landing point).

Click here to Teleport to Harshlands

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Redeux is open

 Hello everyone!

The beautiful and amazing Redeux event is open, up until the 30th.

Some of the best designers of the grid will take part, offering new releases and special deals. We're fortunate to be one of their long term sponsors again!

For this round, there's a brand new special release.

The Stone Swords Altar is a relatively big original mesh, composed of three stone swords ispired by the Norwegian traditional monument, with a special twist!

The product itself not only contains the full scene, but also the single items, to decorate and create your own altar!

In addition to that, by Harshlands booth you will also be able to find special deals!

Sunday, 15 August 2021

Enchantment is open: Valley of Plenty

 Hello everyone!

One of my favourite events is now open, with one of my favourite themes!

Called Valley of Plenty , I guess you might imagine where we'll be travelling this month. Amidst monsters, hunters, and sorceresses, this round has everything you might need for your Fantasy needs!

This month I've decided to create a special, and yet versatile instrument.

 The Bard's Lute is an original instrument based off the typical Renaissance lutes, and it comes with 13 songs to play, two animations and two texture variations!

You can try it for free at Harshlands booth at Enchantment, and see what this is about!

But this isn't it: the traditional Enchantment Hunt is on. try finding the special prize hidden in Harshlands!

Click here to teleport to Enchantment