Monday, 1 February 2021

Harshlands 7th Anniversary: events and promotions

 It really is hard to summarize seven beautiful years, gone by so fast.

But when I think about what we have achieved during this long span of time, more than finding words to type, I find feelings to be overwhelmed with: gratefulness, happiness, friendship, inspiration, magic.

All those who have walked together with me this path have left me with some of the most wonderful memories, and they will be carried throughout the years that are waiting for us.

We have faced a lot, from the sweetest moments, paved upon golden roads; to the darkest days as we sailed stormy seas. These years have made us different, and I am sure it made us better.

There is no I in Harshlands. There is no Kadaj. There is us. We're a community I am so proud of, and I am so eager to know what the future has in store for us.

And to celebrate this beautiful Seven Years together, there's a special event!

Starting from today, for the entire duration of February, Dragonstone region will be the home of Seven Orbs, one per year. They will be wandering all around the land, trying to hide, or perhaps (if they feel benevolent) letting you know where to approach them.
If you find one, don't let it go! Reach it and touch it, to receive its own unique prize!

Belle Epoque is taking part to this event as well! Inside one of the orbs, you will find an exclusive gift, masterfully crafted by the extremely talented Janire! That's a chance you definitely cannot miss!

This is a Group Event so, make sure to wear your Harshlands group tag (or alternatively, you can join the group for free by the landing point)

But there is more!

20% Cashback Promotion! (SL Marketplace)

For the first time ever, I'm introducing a special Cashback promo, for the whole month, here's how to participate:

  1. Purchase any Harshlands product on the SL Marketplace (
  2. Write a Review
  3. Send me a proof of purchase via Notecard (the product has to be purchased during this month), either via screenshot of the transaction page or, if you really can't, by informing me of what you bought.
  4. Receive 20% back of what you spent!
Because of RL keeping me busy, the L$ might not be resent immediately afterwards, but as soon as I log in, I'll send them! (another reason why I'm asking for notecards, so we can avoid IM capping)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for having made these Seven Years an incredible journey!


  1. Wow, 7 years! Congratulations & great work! Been a long time customer of yours. And will keep coming back as long as your around.

  2. Congratulations, I am new to your store, just found it at the Redux Event and am in LOVE...I just bought new land and am in the process of decorating a Fantasy Forest so I will be buying a lot...thanks for having such a beautiful place... .ღۣۜڰڿKReed6671ღღۣۜڰڿۣ

  3. love your store the best one in sl i have found