Thursday 16 January 2020

RFL 2020 Season Kickoff

That time of the year has finally arrived.
We all gather together to rush and get our RFL team registered as soon as possible.
But there is no competition in that. We all want to gather to celebrate life, to promote help and support.

2020 Season of Relay for Life of Second Life has begun, and Harshlands couldn't stay back.
We have been proudly supporting American Cancer Society since 2014, and we will stop only when a cure will be found.

Until then, every Harshlander will be a Light Bearer, a Vessel of Hope with the task of igniting the flame of compassion within the darkest hearts.

Cancer has affected everyone of us, and this is the aspect we'd have to focus the most. Nobody has experience life without cancer lurking at the door, and this is why we will fight together to make sure that the future generations will be able to cope with this darkness by simply casting a light. We're building the bricks for a brighter era, fund by fund.

For the whole duration of this task, Harshlands will offer a number of products to RFL, you will be able to recognize them by the Official Vendor Kiosk.

100% of the proceedings will go straight to American Cancer Society.
If you aren't interested in the products, or you prefer to contribute with a custom amount of L$, there's a donation kiosk by the landing point.

Remember: there is no small amount when it comes to fundraising. Even 1L$ can make the difference! As long as we fundraise together, Hope will never wither.

This is a call to arms, Light Bearers! Let us unite, and destroy this evil!

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Wednesday 8 January 2020

Out now at Swank

A new Swank round is running, the first round of 2020!
With an open theme we've been given endless possibilities, and this time I've decided to bring something completely new, yet in line with some of the latest releases.

There's still a crystal! This time being bound by an ancient ruin, with runic symbols of power.

The Binding Crystal comes with the possibility of changing its colour, as well as three themes choice: a regular stone ruin, a timeworn variation where moss has made its course, and a snowy version, for your snowy mountains.

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Saturday 4 January 2020

Out now at Driftwood

The January round of Driftwood has begun, and this will be a special one.
It's an extra edition, as appreciation towards every talented designer who took part to Drifwtood throughout the year.

As event exclusive, here I present the Arcane Bookstand.

Made out of magical branches, this book contains many hidden secrets and forbidden knowledge.
You can sort its pages by simply touching them, and enjoy the several magical effects that characterize it.

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Welcome 2020, welcome Harshlands website

Greetings Harshlanders,
greetings friends.

We opened the doors of a new decade, which marks the beginning of a new adventure.
What a better way to celebrate if not by renewing Harshlands?

I've always been intrigued by the possibilities offered by Blogspot, so here we are. I've completed the backbones of this new blog/website that will function as another mean to stay in touch with everything Harshlands, and everything Fantasy!

To new beginnings, and to old friends!
To new adventures, and to old memories!
For the past will shape our future, as we walk this road together.