Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Chronicles & Legends: a trip amidst Pirates, Krakens and Mermaids!

 Hello everyone,

Chronicles & Legends, one of my favourite events, is back with an incredible theme.

I've always loved the creative minds of the event staff, but this time they blew my mind, at a point that I've prepared a good amount of new products.

The theme of this month is Pirates, Mermaids, Krakens, and that was the perfect chance to relive an old tale of a not so distant past.

Some of you might remember my old set, concerning the adventures of Captain Korangar. Well he's back, with a new look and new additions! 

As you might see, there's a lot, for lots of purposes and needs. Most of the products can be previews in the event region, and you can test the Bident vocals by simply clicking on it by the event booth!