Monday, 8 March 2021

The 4 Seasons Event March Round

 Hello everyone,

The 4 Seasons is Event is back, with a brand new management team, that is doing its very best to put the evnt into the right spotlight.

What a marvelous chance to create something new and exclusive for this round.

So I have decided to rework something you might already have seen, but with a specific design variation!

The Old Grand Piano works the very same way of the previously released Victorian one. If you purchased one, or have seen it around, you already know how it functions, and which songs are included.

There are 22 songs, both classic and classic rendition of world famous hits. It comes with a searate sitting stool equipped with a number of animations (both sitting and playing ones).

The Grand Piano comes into three different colour tones and you can try it out at the 4 Season Harshlands booth.

Click here to teleport to The 4 Seasons Event

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