Tuesday 20 October 2020

Tomb of Ancients: a Lovecraftian Event

Halloween isn't simply about pumpkins and witches.

It's the season to truly appreciate the master work of Lovecraft, and his multi-layered universe of horror.

Finally, we have a Lovecraftian thmed event, the brand new and amazing Tomb of Ancients by Starry Sky Productions. The event takes us back to the origins of the Necronomicon, and the Great Old Ones.

For this event, here's my exclusive!

The Bad Omen Altar is my personal tributo to one of the central figures of Lovecraftain mythos, namely Yog-Sothoth, a deity beyond time and space that cultists would call forth through the darkest of rituals.

This product features skulls of sacrifices in agony, in a magic and ever moving liquid, product of mad scientists and cultists work.

The liquid is animated, and you can watch its preview inworld, where the alatar itself is scaled down to properly fit the event booths!

Click here to teleport to Tomb of Ancients

Thursday 15 October 2020

Harshlands for Redeux: October Round

October is known to be filled with many amazing events and celebrations, and one that I was looking for is Redeux.

Beautifully landscaped, offering some of the best deals on the grid. And for this round, I wanted to be no different as always. 

Not only there will be a discounted exclusive, but some other great sales!

The Skeletal Scarecrows are the event exclsuive, 20% off the final price! This is the best time to grab them, not only because of the price reduction, but also (and mostly) because of Halloween! 

These not-so-funny fellow come in three versions: regular, timeworn and mossy, and they also come with a 100% guarantee that they won't just scare annoying crows away.

But as said, there will be other deals.

They told me I went crazy, but I don't care. Only at Redeux, you can grab one of the Halloween favourites, Waited too Long statue for just 50L! If you don't know what's that about, you can click on the link below and find out by yourself.

Click here to teleport to Redeux

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Swank spooktacular round!

 Spooktober has begun, and every regular event has donned the dark mantle of the Halloween season.

For this round of Swank, I've prepared something in line with the theme

The Old Metal Fencing is a modular set made of Kool Door gate, fences (with straight and curved lines) as well as lamp posts.

But it's not that simple: Each piece comes in three texture variants (regular, mossy and bloody) and the lamp posts also have two different candle flame colour (standard and spooky green) and shapes (regular and bent).

Plenty to find one single box, and many flexibility to get spooky, but also vintage!

Along with this exclusive set, the Harshlands booth at Swank will feature some previous Halloween themed products, as well as some new general releases.

Time to get spooky!

Click here to teleport to Swank

Friday 2 October 2020

Halloween Shop & Hop

 The time has finally arrived!

The Halloween Shop & Hop event, sponsored by Linden Lab has begun: 160 designers, 8 regions of wonderful products, discounts and exclusives!

Harshlands has had the honour of being selected as one of the participants. To celebrate this wonderful time of the year, by our store space you will be able to find lots of products, all discounted from 20%!

There are also some new special releases:

Yes, they're back! And they're sporting a brand new rework and variation.

The Skeleton Avatars Gacha series presents its third installment: from all time classics, to orginal themes. And if you're lucky enough, you might also snatch the rare Pumpking skeleton, with a working candle inside its skull..or pumpkin...or well...whatever it is.

Speaking of pumpkins, here's another new release. The Jack-o-Lanterns are a bundle full of decorative pumpkins, to celebrate Halloween and who knows...perhaps spook that special one you've been aiming to scare since Last Christmas.
Each pumpkin come in a regular and rotten version.

Last but not least, the Cursed Tree is also available at Shop & Hop. Coming in three different textures, to fit your graveyards, decaying landscapes, cute and happy gardens...sky's the limit! (literally)

Did I say "last but not least"? Ha! I was joking!
If you...hop at Shop & Hop, you will also be able to grab an exclusive gift I've prepared for you! 
What's the gift? I won't tell, it's up to you to discover!

Halloween Shop & Hop is a fairly busy event, therefore you might experience a full region issue. For that reason, the Skeleton Avatars gacha is also available at Harshlands mainstore!