Friday, 5 February 2021

Valentine's Shop & Hop

 February is the month where we celebrate love, of every kind. 

And Linden Lab knows it well. And for this occasion, their annual Valentine's Shop & Hop event is finally live! 

We have the honour of being there once again, and I've decided to prepare a lot of new products, most of them being semi-exclusive, but making their first debut within this amazing fair!

My personal interpretation of this event, is the idea of a traditional Romantic Garden, with all the architectural and nature pieces that make them so special.

The Heart Tree is a big tree, coming in different variations. There's a regular and a maple-like bark version, and each of them come in either normal, mossy or snowy edition (the last one having lo leaves). In addition to that, in the box you will also find some hanging metal hearts with animated candle, that you place wherever you prefer. These hearts have a subtle and slow animation too.

This Garden Bridge is a wood architectural decor, with the usual three texture variation: regular, moss and snow, so that it might not only your gardens, but your entire and diverse landscapes.

What's a romantic garden without a secluded place for lovers? Here's the Romantic Alcove, which is made by two separate items: the alcove and a stone bench with single and couple (PG) poses. Both of them coming with the usual texture variations.

As a finishing touch, there it is the Garden Path, a modular building set, with several pieces to create your own pathway!

But that's not over!
There's a free gift for everyone by Harshlands booth.
Every designer has created an exclusive gift for you to enjoy. Do you want to know what's mine? Well, head over Shop & Hop to find out ;)

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