Monday, 30 March 2020

Stay at Home initiatives

Covid-19 is real.
We've all been affected to some degree. Some of us are locked at home since a month, and others are facing now the quarantine.

Staying at home means we'll have more time to spend on Second Life (which is a known Coronavirus-free zone!), and to ease these weeks, Harshlands joined the Stay at Home Club, to provide you with a free gift, without the need to join the group:

The Mossy Wall Display is a low prim wall, with a versatile use. You can choose what to do with it! (Though I wouldn't recommended driving doesn't seem comfortable).

Simply head to the inworld store, and purchase it by the landing point for 0L!

And since we're here...I've also added a new group gift, that is to you to discover.

Stay at Home, and stay safe everyone!

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Fly free now, Chisato.

The Middlemist Red is one of the rarest type of Camelia flower, if not, one of the most precious and fragile flowers in the world. Only a few people are lucky enough to witness its beauty, for a very short time.

Chisato was a Middlemist Red.
I have been honoured and lucky to have her in my life.

She was my best blogger.
She was Akiko's Comrade.
She was a daughter-in-law.
She will forever be family.

Chisato was a pure soul driven by art and passion for creativity. Her love for photography was a mean to read within her soul, and she allowed us to peak through, to see what a beautiful person she was.

Chisato left us yesterday morning, peacefully lulling herself to sleep after fighting a Stage-4 colon cancer.

She was only 23.

My thoughts and my prayers are going towards Akiko, who always supported Chi in every decision, sharing a life of fun, laughs, and why not, sometimes discussions. Their affection is a feeling that will go through the boundaries of time.

My prayers are also going to End of Time staff, and everyone that had a beautiful and positive impact on Chisato.

Chisato will forever be young. Her life had been hard, and full of pain.
Now, my dear Chi, you're free.

There will be a Chisato memorial. I am unable to provide a specific time at the moment. Emotions are taking over.

As Chi told me for the very last time,

Forever blessing.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Swank - Wild Spring Exclusive release

Another round of Swank is finally open, celebrating spring in all of its forms!
Spring is a magical season, as nature awakens again from winter slumber, preparing for blooming and rebirth.

This month I have decided to create something that could embrace this idea:

The Magic Sap Tree is a celebration of spring. As a new season begins, the sap glows bright, full of life. The sap itself is tintable, so that it can properly suit your landscape, and the tree itself comes with a series of couple and single animations.

You can preview, test and purchase the Magic Sap Tree via the link below:

Friday, 6 March 2020

Driftwood - God of War round is open

The doors to Driftwood are once again open, and this month we're enjoying some dramatic God of War inspired sceneries!

Bask yourself in the norse glory and lore, and visit the beautiful region.

For the occasion, I've prepared three exclusives:

The Chained Gateway is composed by two separate and mirrored gate pieces, so that you can customize their position the way you prefer.
They also sport four different variations: a regular one, a timeworn effect with moss, rage variation features blood...lots of blood, and ultimately permafrost that, as the name suggests, covers the building with ice.

Viking Arch comes with the very same texture variations of the previous product, but also with the possibility of choosing to have the yellow norse paint on it or not.

Finally, Runic Pillar is a low prim solution to give a touch of nordic traditions to your land! As well featuring the four texture variations, and, as usual, materials.

Starting now, up until the end of the month, these products are available at Driftwood, that you can comfortably reach through the link below!