Saturday, 15 August 2020

Great deals and exclusives at Redeux!

 We're celebrating our first year anniversary at Redeux!

To thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to participate and sponsor every round, I've released something new, and somewhat different from the usual exclusives.

This month I am happy to present you the Meadow Set

This set is a complete bundle to create your own animated garden!

There is animated grass, grass clumps and cornflowers, each of them coming in different colours. Slowly dancing at the wind, this vegetation will surely bring life to your private garden, landscape, greenhouses...or wherever your imagination leads you!

In addition to these, there are also some static extra decors: multiple flowers coming in different variations, and clovers! Who doesn't love clovers?

I've also added a ground texture, with realistic grass clumps.

You can also grab this set with an exclusive discount, only during Redeux!

Moreover, there are some more deals to be grabbed.

Click here to teleport to Redeux

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Enchantment open its gates to the Sleeping Beauty

 Whenever Enchantment opens, everyone is welcomed in a wonderful world of tales and beautiful stories.

This month is dedicated to the Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent, a story that took on so many different shapes and variations, but still providing us with wonderful emotions.

For this round I have prepared something inspired by the latest films

The Moors Rocks are a fairly big set of rocks and monoliths. They come as single scenery (not joined items, but as single and shadowmapped product) or as single and separate items (2 monoliths and one platform). And given the theme, they also feature two texture variations: Aurora, which is flowery and full of life, and Maleficent, giving the feeling of a dead land with scorched ground.

What's the point of having the Moors without a proper throne fit for a Queen? The Moors Throne is the second exclusive, presenting the two variations I've previously introduced: Aurora's version is a throne in bloom, with animated branches, whereas Maleficent's throne is a monstrous entanglement of dead branches. Both thrones come with single and couple (PG) animations.

But this isn't over!

As usual, the traditional Enchantment Hunt is on, and starting from the main event region, you can travel across lands to win fantastic prizes. For this round, this is our prize

The Tomb Blooms are said to grow wherever a fairyfolk passes on. They don't have graves to remember them by, but glowing flowers that spontaneously appear. You can get this prize for free, but you have to find it, well hidden in Harshlands mainstore!

Click here to teleport to Enchantment

Friday, 7 August 2020

Swank...around the world!

 Swank is open back again, and this month we're going on a trip all around the globe.

Harshlands stopped in Japan with a series of new items!

The Japanese Stone Lanterns are low prim decorations, coming in three different texture variations, to properly fit your land. With a small flame, ignited by an oiled rope, these stone lanterns will be the perfect addition to your gardens, outdoor landscape, and sacred places.

And in addition to that, I am happy to present the remaster of a previously released product:

The Warrior's Gravestone has been optimized, with new features and an overall lower land impact. Not only the texture and model has been improved, but there are now four tone variations!

You can find both products at Swank, along with some additional items.

Click here to teleport to Swank

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Sprities - A new companion at Gacha Garden

Gacha Garden is said to be inhabited by fairies and magical creatures. Now it's your chance to travel this world with them!

Introducing Sprities, a new animesh companion, coming as Gacha Set, sponsoring the event. There are many variations to be won, and the Rare one, an homage to season, comes with four unique, hand painted, variations.

Every Spritie has a built in ao. All you have to do is add them to you, and start exploring Second Life!

Morevoer, exclusive to Gacha Garden only, every 20 gacha pulls, you will automatically win the never-to-be-seen afterwards P1-X13, a Sprities from the future, artificially built by some mysterious artisans!

For the entire month, the Sprities can only be found at Gacha Garden, afterwards, they will join the Gacha Court in the main inworld store. As for the P1-X13, it can only be obtainable during Gacha Garden, afterwards it will disappear forever.

In addition to that, next to the Sprities machine, you'll find an exclusive gift!