Sunday 4 September 2022

Harshlands debut at We ♥ Roleplay

 Hello everyone! 

I am pleased to announce that Harshlands is finally part of the We ♥ RP Designers team!

It is such an honour to have reached a milestone I was pursuing for so long, and I am thankful to the amazing team of hard working people that runs this incredible event for Fantasy enthusiasts.

To celebrate the debut, I have decided to make a musical instrument that has been requested for such a long time, and I would like to apologize in advance for having taken such a long time to make it, but I wanted to make sure I would make it right.

It's here, the Hammered Dulcimer

The instrument comes in two texture variation, a lighter and darker tone. In addition to this there is a regular and smaller stand. Note that you can adjust the position of the playing animation.

The package also contains a dispeser that gives out wearable hammers, the "sticks" used to play a dulcimer. It is meant to be shared, so even your friends and dear ones can grab their hammers and play the dulcimer!

The Hammered Dulcimer will have a 25% discount for the whole duration of the event.

You can try it before purchase at We ♥ RP booth.

Click here to teleport to We ♥ RP

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  1. yeay congrats! Can't believe you haven't been in WLRP sooner! Have great sales ♥