Sunday, 3 July 2022

Harshlands Inworld Store is finally rebuilt


Sometimes it is about waiting.

Sometimes it is about finding the right moment.

Sometimes it is about being overwhelmed, and finding yourself again.

Sometimes it is about all of this.

After a long wait, I am finally honoured and humbled to announce that Dragonstone, Harshlands store region, has finally been rebuilt from scratch.

This has possibly been one of my biggest endeavours, but it felt right. I felt the need to express Harshlands progression throughout these incredible years, not only by remaking the region anew, but also by rebranding everything.

Some of you might feel the atmosphere very familiar, in fact, I have decided to use Living Echoes (the Fantasy faire region that Janire and me made) as backbone of store. It was my persona effort in not making the Faireland go forever. A glimpse of it still lingers, and will permanently do so.

In the following weeks I will make sure to optimize the land, as for now it is a newborn seed of creation; we need to give it time to stretch and expand, and adapt with us all. There will be constant small changes, and perhaps re-placements. See this new region as a Living Being itself. 

And I truly hope you could feel the region while visting it. It is a very personal and intimate project.

I really want to thank Janire again, for helping me in the most dire times, and when all I could do was staring at the blank canvas of what would become this region. And all the friends, who had encouraged me to never give up, and keep on pursuing this dream.

Ther Landing point Location has changed, however you should still be able to use the previous Landmarks to reach it, as for now, the TP is locked there; however, here's the new region landing point LM:

I hope you will enjoy Dragonstone.

Thank you so much.


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