Sunday 13 February 2022

New Shopping Events happening

 Hello everyone!

Here's a unified blogpost to list all the current shopping events going on up to this day. Lots of deals and new exclusives to be found!

Valentine Shop & Hop

The St Valentine's Day Event made in Linden Labs is back, with tons of discounts and gifts waiting for you!

In Harshlands booth, everything is discounted, from 25% up to 70% off! In addition to that, you might find the return of some exclusive stuff that hasn't been seen for a long while (especially some a hint).

There is also a special gift that you can get free of charge!

Click here to Teleport to Shop & Hop


February doesn't simply mark the lovers' month, but also the return of Enchantment. The theme, this time, is The Iliad & The Odyssey and the round exclusive is a brand new instrument, the Greek Lyre. Inspired by traditional designs, with a little twist and interpretation, this instrument features seven relatively long songs (approximately 3 or more minutes each), four different colour/texture patterns, and the usual animation HUD.


Swank is open as well! And as we celebrate this month, I've decided to make something romantic, that might also be versatile, and somewhat fit several different region themes. The Floating Candles, with their lotus shape, and a small flickering candle, can have multiple purposes, and the gentle, slow floating rotation can help to set up the right mood. You can preview them at Harshlands booth.

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