Sunday 6 February 2022

Harshlands 8th Anniversary


Hello everyone!

February has arrived, and with that, the arrival of Harshlands Anniversary. It's the moment for me to sit and ponder on the achievements on the previous year, and to constantly being amazed by the wonderful community we have built together.

We ventured through such a journey, didn't we? I still remember the thrill of making the first Marsketplace listing, and the excitement to see people joining the store group. 

That feeling has never gone.

In 8 years life has changed. I've grown. A lot.

I've met incredible people, and I had to bid some farewells. All of you supported me through my worst days, even by simply checking in, and giving me that strength to never give up, to become a better person. I owe you a life debt that I will never be able to repay.

The past year has been the year of the first anxieties and risks. Having closed my RL store due to Covid, I managed to turn Harshlands into my full time commitment, and with the help of amazing friends liek you, the clouds of my fears have been dissipated.

This Anniversary Hunt is called A Symphony of Time, because every moment we have spent, has never truly gone from my heart. There is no past. There are fond memories that I cherish and keep on living.

I have decided to hide eight music instruments (four types, two variations each) in Dragonstone, because I've recently been loving making them. I can literally put my heart and soul in them. I hope you will be able to feel it.

And, we cannot celebrate without a proper fireworks show, right? Well, this year the whole region will feature a never stopping show, for the entire duration of this month.

I truly hope you will have a great time.

From the bottom of my heart

Thank you for these eight Years.


Click here to teleport to Dragonstone

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