Saturday, 12 December 2020

Christmas Memories Gacha Set - A multi event gacha set

 Hello everyone,

I am so happy to introduce you to a brand new, and very unique gacha set. It is called Christmas Memories and it's made of many decorations and pieces of furniture, not only to deck the halls, but also your whole home!

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 Each piece embodies a specific memory linked to Christmas: from the joyful time of sharing traditional music, to relaxing nights sitting by the fire. 

This is a gacha set that is meant to unite people, especially in these days where we are forced to stay apart. It's a set meant to be shared and gifted to your dear ones. It is one of my biggest, and yet, happiest endeavour.

As you might imagine, this is a limited set, that will go away with Christmas.

It's a multi event set but, it has currently made its debut at the Holiday Shop & Hop event by Linden Labs. However, since those regions might easily be full, you might also play the gacha at Harshlands mainstore (and soon to other events).

In addition to Christmas Memories, at the Shop & Hop there will also be exclusive discounts, from 25%, up to 75%, and a gift that will surely go well with the new gacha prizes!

Click here to teleport to Holiday Shop & Hop

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