Tuesday, 3 November 2020

The Liaison Collaborative Exclusive

 Hello everyone! We're in the Liaison Collaborative for the first time, and I'm so excited to see what I've prepared for this fantastic event!

As this round celebrates the theme of Bonfire Bash, what's better than a...bonfire!

The Camp Bonfire is an interactive set of items that comes in different variations:

The main piece, the bonfire itself has animated fire with sound (that can be toggled on touch), as well as an off fire version, with a constant, slow smoke being emitted from the dying embers. Each version comes in either regular and small size.

To complement the bonfire, there are a series of sitting trunks and stumps, each of them in Single/Multi sit version (stump is single sit, trunk is multi for three people) and Couple (PG) sit option.

You can preview and try the Camp Bonfire in the TLC Demo Area. A teleport is available at Harshlands booth, in the LM below:

Click here to teleport to The Liaison Collaborative

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