Wednesday, 11 November 2020

New group gifts

 Hello everyone!

As the second wave of this Covid pandemic has reached and affected most of us, we are now back in a situation that is similar to what we endured at the beginning of 2020.

Many of us are forced to stay at home, and remote working has become a common term that we're now used to see over and over.

This quarantine 2.0 will obviously make us rely on online means of entertainment, Second Life being one (and possibly one of the most complete). For this reason I'm adding a brand new exclusive Group Gift, as well as taking the decision to turn the entire Summer Hunt set as second group gift, for those who couldn't play it before.

The Outdoor Armchair is a way to remind us that, while staying at home, we can virtually enjoy outdoor fun, be it by chatting with friends, or starting an adventure. If you're the comfy type, then this armchair might be useful!

The 2020 Summer Hunt had a specific theme: building a dock. Now the entire set, made of ten pieces, is free to grab for everyone!

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