Monday, 30 March 2020

Stay at Home initiatives

Covid-19 is real.
We've all been affected to some degree. Some of us are locked at home since a month, and others are facing now the quarantine.

Staying at home means we'll have more time to spend on Second Life (which is a known Coronavirus-free zone!), and to ease these weeks, Harshlands joined the Stay at Home Club, to provide you with a free gift, without the need to join the group:

The Mossy Wall Display is a low prim wall, with a versatile use. You can choose what to do with it! (Though I wouldn't recommended driving doesn't seem comfortable).

Simply head to the inworld store, and purchase it by the landing point for 0L!

And since we're here...I've also added a new group gift, that is to you to discover.

Stay at Home, and stay safe everyone!

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