Thursday, 27 February 2020

New releases at SaNaRae

Another wonderful round of SaNaRae just opened, and it runs until March 17th.

Many talented designers joined again, and we have the luck of being part of this passionate crew.

For this occasion, the third Guardian has finally been summoned!

The Spring Guardian tells a story of rebirth. As the chills of past season slowly fade, the Winter Guardian donates her life to a newborn Guardian, ready to bless and blossom these following months.

The Spring Guardian has different variations: two roots textures (bare and flowery) as well as two magnolia flower petals colours (pink and purple).

But there's another exclusive!

Spring is the season of flowers and colours. I couldn't include some falling petals to complete the set!
These petals aren't particles, but animated textures/mesh. Not only they slowly fall, but they can also rotate for a more immersive effect, depending on your needs.
You can preview them at SaNaRae as well!

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