Saturday, 1 February 2020

Harshlands 6th Anniversary

Six years ago I would have never imagined that I would be here, writing this news.
Everything began out of passion, and almost as a little gamble to myself.

The friendship and support I have been rewarded with, is the best prize I have received since Harshlands was born. The community we have built together, brick by brick, is the most treasured and cherished blessing I will forever hold within my heart.

So let us celebrate!
To other six years of Fantasy, Friendship and Laughs!
To other sixe years of us, my dear Harshlanders!

And what a better way to frame this wonderful moment, if not with a real adventure?

Introducing for the first time, our Harshlands Adventure HUD, that will enable you to begin Harshlands Quest!

And here's our Anniversary Quest: Sproutling Awakening.

Sproutlings are little creatures, seeds of the worlds, who recently arrived in the region of Dragonstone. They are so curious, and now the Sproutling Boss is unable to find them! Some are currently hiding, others are lost, while some can be in danger!

Help the Sproutling Boss to rescue them, and win prizes along the way!

To start your adventure, grab your Adventure HUD by the landing point. Don't forget to read the instruction notecard in the package, as it contains the most important tips to enjoy this brand new adventure!

If you're feeling anxious to begin, here's some recap tip:
  1.  Wait until the HUD has loaded, you will notice that by the following message: [Harshlands] Adventure HUD: Character Sheet loaded. You are now ready.
  2. To start your adventure, stand close to the Sproutling Boss. The quest will trigger on its own
  3. Can't interact with a quest step? What you found is probably linked to another quest task!
  4. When you find the specific Sproutling you are asked to find, click on it (you must be at least 10 meters from it) 

Click here to start your Adventure!

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