Saturday, 3 December 2022

Yuletide Magic - Holiday Season Hunt


Hello everyone,

the Holiday Season is right at our doorsteps. We can already start to hear the glimpse of happy carols and Mariah Carey's songs...wait, that doesn't sound happy and merry if I put it this way.

December is a special month, it makes us want to celebrate: whether we enjoy Christmas, Yule, or if we simply appreciate the beauty of winter, there are plenty of reasons to gather with our dear ones and contemplate the sweet passing of time.

As per usual, I love to organize a Holiday Season hunt, here at Harshlands. It reminds me of happy days spent together doing everything and nothing at the same time.

Yuletide Magic is just the beginning. There will be a number of themed exclusive releases, and hopefully enough time to let Dragonstone wear the festive mantle.

There are 10 prizes hidden in the region, most of them are brand new releases. Remember to wear Harshlands group tag to receive the prizes, and help your friends trying to collect them's the season to be good after all!

May this month be filled with happy memories, to be shared with those you hold dear!

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  1. Thank you Kadaj, wishing you joy this holiday season ♥