Friday, 2 October 2020

Halloween Shop & Hop

 The time has finally arrived!

The Halloween Shop & Hop event, sponsored by Linden Lab has begun: 160 designers, 8 regions of wonderful products, discounts and exclusives!

Harshlands has had the honour of being selected as one of the participants. To celebrate this wonderful time of the year, by our store space you will be able to find lots of products, all discounted from 20%!

There are also some new special releases:

Yes, they're back! And they're sporting a brand new rework and variation.

The Skeleton Avatars Gacha series presents its third installment: from all time classics, to orginal themes. And if you're lucky enough, you might also snatch the rare Pumpking skeleton, with a working candle inside its skull..or pumpkin...or well...whatever it is.

Speaking of pumpkins, here's another new release. The Jack-o-Lanterns are a bundle full of decorative pumpkins, to celebrate Halloween and who knows...perhaps spook that special one you've been aiming to scare since Last Christmas.
Each pumpkin come in a regular and rotten version.

Last but not least, the Cursed Tree is also available at Shop & Hop. Coming in three different textures, to fit your graveyards, decaying landscapes, cute and happy's the limit! (literally)

Did I say "last but not least"? Ha! I was joking!
If you...hop at Shop & Hop, you will also be able to grab an exclusive gift I've prepared for you! 
What's the gift? I won't tell, it's up to you to discover!

Halloween Shop & Hop is a fairly busy event, therefore you might experience a full region issue. For that reason, the Skeleton Avatars gacha is also available at Harshlands mainstore!

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