Saturday 8 August 2020

Enchantment open its gates to the Sleeping Beauty

 Whenever Enchantment opens, everyone is welcomed in a wonderful world of tales and beautiful stories.

This month is dedicated to the Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent, a story that took on so many different shapes and variations, but still providing us with wonderful emotions.

For this round I have prepared something inspired by the latest films

The Moors Rocks are a fairly big set of rocks and monoliths. They come as single scenery (not joined items, but as single and shadowmapped product) or as single and separate items (2 monoliths and one platform). And given the theme, they also feature two texture variations: Aurora, which is flowery and full of life, and Maleficent, giving the feeling of a dead land with scorched ground.

What's the point of having the Moors without a proper throne fit for a Queen? The Moors Throne is the second exclusive, presenting the two variations I've previously introduced: Aurora's version is a throne in bloom, with animated branches, whereas Maleficent's throne is a monstrous entanglement of dead branches. Both thrones come with single and couple (PG) animations.

But this isn't over!

As usual, the traditional Enchantment Hunt is on, and starting from the main event region, you can travel across lands to win fantastic prizes. For this round, this is our prize

The Tomb Blooms are said to grow wherever a fairyfolk passes on. They don't have graves to remember them by, but glowing flowers that spontaneously appear. You can get this prize for free, but you have to find it, well hidden in Harshlands mainstore!

Click here to teleport to Enchantment

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